96.8% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

I have been going to Accurate Auto Center for 4 years, since moving to Houston.

Cyndi and/or her staff always greet me with a smile and I am satisfied with their work when I leave. I have no problem recommending them to anyone. They have totally earned my trust.

Accurate Auto Center replied:

Ms Lewis, Earned trust and referrals are the top 2 best compliments a Business can receive. We are glad you stopped in 4 years ago. Finding the right Automotive shop is almost as stressful as moving. Great Customers like you are why we are now in our 38th Year! Thanks again!

5 stars Verified customer

Awesome group of people.

5 stars Verified customer

The team at Accurate Auto are professional, skilled, helpful, and an altogether pleasure to work with. Every time I go, they make me feel like I'm their only customer. They do great work, and they are thorough and take pride in what they do.

Accurate Auto Center replied:

Mr. H, Wow! What a great review. Everything we strive hard to provide to each Customer.

Cyndi and the AAC Family

5 stars Verified customer

I trust Accurate Car Care because of great service consistently. They have a high level of integrity and totally back their work. The employees are very courteous and desire to help you resolve whatever issue you have. I've been taking my car there for 3 years and plan to continue using them. I couldn't be more pleased.

Accurate Auto Center replied:

Mr. Perry, as a Business owner, reading your review is everything Accurate Auto Center has strived to meet for the past 38 years. We enjoy your humor and great personality.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service! Fun friendly and honest staff that treats you like family!

Accurate Auto Center replied:

Why thanks. Those 4 words are the best compliment we could ever ask for. Fun - yes we understand that car repair & maintenance can be stressful! Friendly & Family - for 38 years now - we have considered our customers Family. Honest - this is the most important. We are not a perfect shop however we genuinely strive to do the right thing and each staff at AAC values Honesty and Integrity.

Cyndi and the Accurate Family

5 stars Verified customer

The people at Accurate take great care of their customers and their vehicles to keep them coming back.

Accurate Auto Center replied:

Ms M, Thank you for your Review. We sincerely do our best to take care of our Customers and their Vehicles. This month we turn 38! Wow a long time.

1 stars Verified customer

I have used Accurate Auto for 5-6 years now. What I've noticed is that when I first took vehicles there the service was outstanding. However, like it is with most things now days, the longer you are a customer the less you matter. Businesses put their best foot forward when you are new to them...then over time when they feel they have you, they just quit caring how they treat their customers. Maybe it's some of the new employees... maybe that's just how it is?

My vehicle was there for 3 days which is a huge inconvenience. It wasn't even looked at until part way through day 2. That was extremely irritating...guess new customers were being put in front of it? The cost honestly this time around seemed ridiculous and I have since priced some of the repairs out with other places and I won't be back. I think I was taken advantage of. I have been out of work for 3 months...and while that isn't your problem car trouble for me was the last thing I needed...especially the price tag. To your credit it was reduced down just a little...but for what was done it just doesn't seem justifiable. I feel like it was kept longer than needed so I could be gouged on labor.

We get the vehicle back and it ran great for 1 day. The next day it's dead...won't start. Now, I have a problem with anyone charging for a diagnostic when the repairs are actually done. If that's all I did then I get it... diagnostic alone, sure charge me. But if you are diagnosing an engine then you would think battery strain or issues with it would turn up... I'm sure they did. Nevertheless, 1 day after getting it back it's dead. I call and was told you guys would tow it back ON YOU. As you should in my opinion...you know since you did a diagnostic.

An hour and a half later I'm told it's a dead battery and for about 200 bucks parts and labor...you can fix it. (Labor is really laughable for a battery swap). Well it was under warranty. The minute I told the guy I could get a new one free that's when the service stopped. I had to go there pull the battery myself, swap it, come back and put it in. When I went to get my key the guy tells me I'm being charged for the towing service. WHAT? Said if the problem was something yall did then it would be free.

Let me get this straight....did you not do a Diagnostic on the damn thing just 48 hours earlier? This would have showed up... nothing was said about the battery... or maybe the strain on it via the repairs. So, you got me for another 90 bucks. unfortunately it's the last ones you will get from me.

I have told so many people about your shop, and have taken our vehicles there for many different things, not just oil changes, so you have definitely gotten money out of me and repeat service. IMO - the least you could have done is waived the tow and at least pulled the battery and swap the new one I brought back to you. I mean I just dropped 1700 bucks in there on an 11 year old vehicle that is probably worth the same as the freaking repair.

Very disappointed.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent as always!!!

4 stars Verified customer

Great service

2 stars Verified customer

I set a scheduled appointment at 12 and didn't hear back from anyone after I dropped my vehicle off I finally called them around 3 to find out that they haven't even looked at it. My wife saw the vehicle sitting in their parking lot at around 4 so I called again and was told my vehicle was in the shop being looked at so I was lied to about the status of my vehicle. I was told after I caught them in a lie that they would be looking at it in about 30 minutes. Finally I called one more time to be told the vehicle wouldn't be looked at until the next day. After all that I was charge $715 to do brake pad replacements. I feel as though I was ripped off and will not go back. So sad because we have been using them for years.