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An hour before I was supposed to get all four of my wisdom teeth extracted they call me on my cell phone and leave a voice mail saying they have to cancel my appointment. I had already taken off the next three days of work for this surgery, and with me being in the leadership staff at my job- this is not an easy thing to do and I had to pull a lot of strings to be able to do this. So, I call them back and they explain to me that on my previous visit they failed to take the panoramic x-ray of my jaw and their machine was down. They were very sympathetic and wanted me to reseducle for the following month (which was about 35 days away). The doctor on my first visit told me that I needed to get my teeth out right away and really suggested I get them out as soon as posible. Put me on antibiotics and pain medicine and everything to get me ready. Well, after I tell the lady on the phone that no, I wasn't going to reseducle she said there wasn't any thing she could do. So I suggested that I go over to another Lovett dental. She said yes, makes some calls and sends me to the Kirby location. Well, almost half way there they call and say that no one knows how to work the panographic machine and they have to cancel my appointment anyways. Getting frustrated now- I ask if I can go to another dentist and they say that there aren't any other Lovett dental locations open. So I get her to let me try to find another dentist company all together. Luckily, I find one pretty quick. They allow me to come in and take the panoramic photo without an appointment. As their filling out my paperwork I get another call from Lovett dental. They explain that the surgeon has finished with his last patient and is ready to leave for the day. I tell them that I am just waiting to be called back and I can be on my way. Then woman on the phone trys to say that they should be closing soon and that my appointment was at 11:30am. I remind her that she said that I would be seen if I got the pictures and was there before 12:30 and that I was going to get there soon as possible. She still tried to make excuses and I finally just told her. That it wasn't my fault they didn't take my panoramic x-ray the first time I was there. That it wasn't my fault that the other locations didn't know how to work their machines and that theirs was broken. I gave the phone to my mother as they called me back to take the x-ray. (Which they skipped some of the paperwork till i left so I could leave to go get me taken care of) Finally when I get to Lovett Dental Webster location everyone is really nice. We display our unsatisfaction with the display of events that had happened throughout the day. The surgeon manager was real sympathetic and says that she was very upset about the whole thing and that we weren't the only ones they had to turn away for lack of the proper x-ray! They also say that two of the staff members were sick which was why one of the ladies I talked to on the phone probably wanted to pack up. Which after the surgery I can't stop sneezing- and is very very painful. They following day I finally get ahold of the surgeon and he tells me that it has something to do with the sinus pockets. I'm just glad I finally got my surgery done and I can stop being in so much pain. I am appalled by the lack of professionalism of the staff. I can for sure say I will never be going back to any Lovett dental. Nor will my family members who had recommended me to this location. I don't wish any one the experience that I had. I am so disappointed with this company.

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Very friendly and informative.

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Worst dentist ever. My appointment was at 9, didn't get called back until 9:30 and then it took the doctor 40 minutes to see me after I saw the hygienist. Awful experience. Never going back.

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The dentist is excellent. She is very sweet and caring. I really like the dental hygienist as well. The staff is very courteous, and the man that deals with the insurance is the best I've ever seen. But the wait is always terrible. I generally have to wait at least an hour for each appointment.

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Friendly, professional kid loving staff! I will come bac.

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They are very knowledgeable and professional. They are polite and friendly.

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Very accommodating when popped a crown off. It is doing great!

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Nice and friendly

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Great with kids

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Wonderful and efficient service. will go again.