72.5% would refer friends and family to us

2 stars Customer since 2016

The stylist is great but the customer service at the front desk extremely poor! Policies continue to change without adequate notice. Then I have been argued with over the phone about the discrepancies. No longer a happy customer at this location.

3 stars Customer since 2013

I'm on the fence about my most recent visit. The master stylist was efficient and the appointment had a 30 minute turn around for a refill, but I was not sure how I feel about the lash placements. They were put on in a 3 to 1 ratio which looks fantastic until they start falling out. I have gaps in my lash line and will have to up my next appointment. I do prefer the single lash to lash approach.

2 stars Customer since 2015

Not this time. I booked a master touch up appointment prior to my vacation and unfortunately, most of my lashes have fallen out. usually everything is great, but not the case this time. I'm hoping a full set isn't required because of this when I have my appointment this weekend.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Hellen is great

5 stars Customer since 2017

The very best

5 stars Customer since 2016

I'm only give a 5 star because the lady that always does my lashes is amazing! Front desk staff on the other hand changes too often.. they are always rude !!!!!!!!!!! If it wasn't for Tasha I would not travel 30 mins out my way to get my lashes done there when I have 3 closer to me.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Kim was so warm and welcoming. The front desk employees was a joy and added to the welcoming atmosphere

1 stars Customer since 2015

I filed a formal complaint with the BBB. I also asked my bank to block Amazing Lash so you can no longer take money from me without providing lashes. I was a customer for over two years. A faithful cusomer who never missed a monthly appointment. I was a member for 16 months. There was never a problem with Amazing Lash getting paid. The first time I had a problem, I was not treated like a loyal customer. I was treated like a nuisance.

1 stars Verified customer

This location is absolutely horrible. The girls at the front desk are rude and have no clue what they are doing. I booked an appointment and had to cancel, which I did well in advance (over 24 hour notice) and they still charged me as a no show. I called when I noticed my card was charged and the girl told me the charge a fee for no shows with no cancellation. I told her who I talked to before to cancel with and told her to check my notes. She persisted I never called and she would not check the notes. Finally, someone checked and saw I did cancel so I was told I would be refunded (guess what, still never refunded). I rescheduled my appointment for a full set and when I came in they cancelled on me telling me they didn't have time. They could only do a partial! What??? I get punished for cancelling well over 24 hours in advance but they can just cancel on you when you walk in for an appointment?? I told them I wanted to cancel my membership and they told me it's a $50 fee to cancel. Something they don't tell you when you sign up and they rush you to sign the papers you don't even get to read them. At this point I was furious and asked for the manager. The girl told me they don't know who the manager is. Another girl chimed in, "we don't have a manager ". Ok then, who's the owner? They didn't know that either. They make their own rules and treat their customers horribly. I have switched to the Voss location where the girls are nicer and educated in their job, the rooms are clean and the eyelashes actually are amazing.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Anh is amazing.