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Amazing!!! Everyone was so nice and Dr Hennessy even found out that my old prescriptions were bad for me! Thanks!!

2 stars Verified customer

I felt rushed through the process, especially when it was time to pick out frames. Additionally, the available selection of eyewhere was subpar.

5 stars Verified customer

Always kind, smiling and friendly.

No long waits.

Just an all around wonderful experience.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Friendly, professional and thorough.

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I have never experienced a customer experience quite like AVC. Everyone was knowledgable, helpful and kind. My only complaint is that I went in for a contact lens exam, which went great. However, I was told over the phone by Jan that the exam was about $100, which is what I cam prepared for, however, when I went to the front desk to pay there was also a charge for a fitting, which I was never informed about before coming in or during the actual fitting.

American Vision Center replied:

Hi Stephen, I apologize for any misunderstanding. The regular exam is $105, which checks the health of your eyes and the refractive status. Fitting contacts involves different measurements and tests. The additional fee covers that as well as all the follow-up visits and any necessary changes. I'm sorry there was some confusion. I'm guessing that the receptionist may have thought that you were asking about the cost of a standard exam, and not the additional contact lens fitting. In any event, I apologize for the mix-up, and hope the contact lenses work well for you.


Dr. Greenstein

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Fast, easy, friendly and prices as expected.

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4 stars. Only give 5 stars to places that are well beyond exceptional. The doctor was very friendly, and did a few tests I have never had done before in my years of wearing glasses. Seem to have a decent selection of frames. Older building, street parking sucks and navigating the stairwell could be difficult for a mother with a stroller, but overall I'm happy with my care and will go back.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Got me in the day I called and were professional, very nice and helpful.

5 stars Customer since 2015

All of the staff at the AVC are very professional, but also extremely welcoming and nice!! They give me good tips and advice and are extremely helpful. I feel that Dr Howe and the staff are committed to ensuring that I have good eye health, and overall good health.

1 stars Customer since 2017

I went 31 January for vision check. The lady on the reception wellcome me with the theory that if my previous aye doctor give me expired medications is not big of a deal. She tells me that it not such a problem/mistake and if I actually used expired drops NOTHING will happen! Especially because they were expired only for 6 monts. She insisted that is not a big thing and even if I use it, will not be harmful for me!!! But in the end added,"I suppose your aye doctor should've not given you expired medications". The measuring aparats were old. The reception lady which was a nurse make the first chech and tell me that I am "Not very good,but she have seen worse!", make me feel very uncomfortable,during the 2 checks she did, Almost making me believe that I became blind since my last aye chech (2weeks ago) In conclusion after minute she tells me that I better have my glasses all the time because I don't see anything at all! New glasses that they offer,and i felt very uncomfortable here,i wanted to get over The exame,already knowing that i have to find a better doctor, a better specialist who takes my ayes seriously. The doctor, did followed exactly the nurse advise. She did make very superficial exame with the lenses and in conclusion tell me that I have myopic view of -4,5 to boout ayes, prescribing me glasses and requesting me to see their options immediately. While che was doing the exam i felt so imbaresed that i wanted to walk away,but I felt unable to do so (I was ashamed and imbaresed). But I had aye check about 2 weeks ago with onother specialist, whom accurately check my vission and had -2,25and -1,95. Honestly I personally see the different vision ability of my ayes. But this clinic couldn't notice that. The doctors said that the glasses they prescribe me will make me feel very uncomfortable first weeks,but I will get used to IT! And after they give me a glass prescription telling me that if I use it in onother optic,I shell after bring them to adjusts the glasses, that they will adjust them for free,insisting few times,making me feel like I am pressed and constricted to do as she says! They charge my insurance 125$(-25), and make me pay 2$! It was terrible and not professional services and I just wanted to live, but I had to wait for the doctor to sign the paper and in this time the nurse come back and try to make me buy some lenses 85$ starting price(in the other optics the lenses start from 45$)....Just felt not like humen,but a sheep to which they try to sell glasses in a very arrogant and shameful way....I felt so imbaresed and uncomfortable and I share it here, in order to safe to someone my same experience. I believe that when we go to doctor is to pay for solving a problem and making us choose what by hour personal opinion will fit us best, make us see better and feel more comfortable,not a business where you are pressed by rediculas speeches and actions. I share this in order to prevent other persons to have that same shame as I did.

American Vision Center replied:

I'm sorry for your negative feelings about the office. I'd like to clarify a few things.

Regarding eye medications: 

Most medications are effective 6-12 months after expiration.  My staff was correct in saying that the drops you were given elsewhere should still be effective.  We usually don't give out expired medication unless the patient has any financial issues, in which case , I too would consider dispensing a slightly expired prescription as your previous Doctor did.

Regarding bringing your glasses back to us for adjusting and verification of prescription:

I'm sorry you felt pressured to do this. It's a free service that we offer to patients who may choose to get their eyewear elsewhere.  We can check to see if the prescription was made correctly and we're willing to adjust them for comfort if necessary.  That's all at no charge.  Since many chain stores do not hire licensed opticians (like we do) I feel it's an added value service to have a licensed optician double check accuracy and fit.  It definitely isn't a requirement and we would have no reason to try to force someone to do it. I apologize if that wasn't made clear to you.

Regarding the 2 'old apparatuses' used in the pre-test room:

The peripheral field tester is about 10 years old. The new units have only some cosmetic changes.

The other instrument is an $40,000 OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomographer) purchased 3 months ago. As a free service, we scan the retinae of people over 30 years old. It actually allows us to see below the surface of the retina to diagnose certain conditions before they are visible by any other means.

Regarding fees:

I'm sorry you were upset at having to pay $2 for a copay, but that is required by your insurance carrier.  Most copays are higher than that.

Regarding our lenses:

($85) and another office ($45). Without knowing the quality of materials they use or the coatings it includes, I can't make a comparison.  

Staff interaction:

I apologize if anything the staff said that was interpreted as meaning you are 'going blind'.  Your vision corrected well with the recent prescription and nothing was noted during the exam to indicate any potential vision-threatening  diseases. In summary, you are not going blind and you were tested for glaucoma, macula degeneration and cataracts...all of which were within normal limits. Possibly there was a communication misunderstanding.

Exam results:

If you feel the prescription is not correct I would be happy to re-check it.  That is a free service valid for 2 months after the initial exam.  Please ask for me, Dr. Greenstein and I'll be glad to re-check your prescription. I did want to let you know that, although you thought your prescription was -2.25 and -1.95, the glasses you came into the office were stronger than that and that prescription had to be increased to correct you to 20/20. But again, I would be happy to recheck that for you at no charge.


Dr. Jay Greenstein