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3 stars Customer since 2017

I went for a cleaning. The technology they use is amazing. The employees were very nice.

The cleaning turned out to be a very expensive cleaning. I'm​ not very happy about the estimated total I paid the day of the cleaning or the additional amount above what they estimated my dental insurance would cover after the cleaning. I have a popular PPO coverage and the estimates should be a lot more accurate. Paying almost two thousand for a cleaning is not reasonable. Had the estimates been more accurate I would have chosen another facility.

2 stars Customer since 2017

I felt this company was strictly interested in money. I do not believe I needed all of the

work I was told I needed. I plan on getting a second opinion. If another group agrees with

this office, I will revise my review.

1 stars Customer since 2016

Extremely disappointed in the services I received at Blvd dentistry (heights location). I moved to Houston about a year ago and was on the hunt for a good dentist nearby. A friend of mine referred me to blvd dentistry. I went in for a cleaning, x rays, the routine first appointment. At my first appointment, the dentist told me I needed to have "some fillings redone". So a few weeks later, I was in the dentist's office getting two fillings. The procedure went okay, except the fact that the dentist held a casual conversation with the assistant the entire time while conducting the procedure on my teeth. I thought this was extremely unprofessional and rude. She even stopped mid-procedure and jokingly acknowledged to me how rude it is of her to be holding a casual conversation, much less about food while operating on a patient's teeth. It wasn't the content of the conversation that bothered me, it was the fact that I am laying in the chair wondering whether or not she was actually paying attention to what she was doing to my teeth, while holding a conversation with the assistant NOT RELATED to me and my teeth! The procedure lasted a few hours and I was finally relieved to go home. I was told to expect some sensitivity but the sensitivity lasted for weeks. I could not eat on the left side of my mouth AT ALL, hard or soft food, nothing! So I went back to blvd dentistry and a different dentist assessed my teeth. (It's always a different dentist.) She filed down the fillings a little more, stating that "sometimes the bite can be off or uneven causing sensitivity", even though I told the dentist my bite felt fine and even. She said come back in a week if sensitivity didn't improve. I was back a week later. Same story, different dentist at blvd dentistry, filed the fillings down again, even though my bite felt fine and even. The sensitivity is still there. After 3 visits following the fillings procedure, The dentist told me the only solution is to remove the filling and do it all over again. I refused to let them do anything else my teeth after all of this. They clearly couldn't find a solution to a problem they created in the first place, due to a lack of attention and professionalism during the procedure. The initial procedure was done in November, it is now mid-February and I am still dealing with the sensitivity and have not been able to eat or chew on my left side ever since. I contacted blvd dentistry and told the receptionist I wanted my X-rays and I was going to find another dentist for a second opinion as I am still dealing with sensitivity. She did not even attempt to change my mind or suggest I talk to one of the dentists there, and proceeded to email me my X-rays. I lost a lot of money and time by going here and now I have to pay someone else to fix their lowsy work. Good reviews do not always mean you will have a good experience. Quality over quantity.

5 stars Customer since 2016

I couldn't recommend a better place. Dr. Desai I absolutely amazing. Jason is so wonderful making sure I was comfortable with a blanket!!! Gladys, Nicki, Daniel and Megan were awesome too. I truly could not have picked a better place with better people. I'm sorry if I forgot someone or got your names wrong. I tried to remember. Thank you everyone!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Friendly and knowledgeable, from reception to dentist. Prices are reasonable. I'm a fan!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Very friendly professional staff. Not much waiting. New, clean, modern equipment. Dentist spent time personally reviewing x-rays, overall findings and recommendations in great detail.

4 stars Verified customer

Would have given 5 stars, but wait time was pretty lengthy. That being said, I understand that delays happen and received numerous apologies without prompts. I am definitely willing to come back, and appreciate the attentiveness, courtesy and professionalism of the staff. This is a great location and the overall service was excellent.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Great Experience! Very friendly and open, and I'm scared to death of going to the dentist.

1 stars Verified customer

When Dr. Staples was there, this place was really good. However, the new dentist doesn't know how to take care of pregnant patients. They don't have the appropriate equipment and the new doctor does not care about taking X-Rays with a poor protection system. I really don't want to go back and I will not recommend this place to anyone

1 stars Customer since 2015

My session for a couple of fillings was not the most pleasant experience. While the work was in progress, I started feeling how the doctors instruments were touching my nerve and they had to put extra injections of medicine to numb my jaws, hence my face was numb four hours after my visit to the clinic, ruining my plans for the rest of the evening. Furthermore my face kept swollen for two days, plus I got an ugly green bruise under my cheek I suppose was the result from a lot of pulling. I am definitely not coming back to get this kind of treatment.

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