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100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2006

Excellent as always!

5 stars Verified customer

dr miller and his staff are the very best bar none

5 stars Verified customer

Dr Miller. And his staff are the best!!

Loving,caring and extremely professional !!

5 stars Customer since 1992

Since I recently reviewed my 42 years as a petowner at Carnegie Hill Veterinarians and wrote about my experiences with my new kitten Pari, I just want to say how her care was resolved. She returned to see Dr. Hilchuck on January 3, 2018 and was pronounced in good health, having gained 1/4 a lb and had her distemper shot.

During the long New Year's Day weekend, she was still sick and not eating, but I was well-prepared for this by the tech staff, so didn't get alarmed, I just continued to feed her the Nutri-cal, high nutrition paste that Jack the tech recommended I buy from them and I applied around her mouth for her to lick off and eventually she began to eat the boiled chicken and rice that Dr. Hilchuck, through the vet techs, while she was on her vacation, told me to prepare for her. I put a thin film of Nutrical on top of it to make Pari eat.

I just want to say that the tech staff, in particular, Rene, the office manager, Jack (whom I previously miscalled "Jason"), Marise, Kim, Eric (even though the latter two were on vacation during Pari's crisis) work phenomenally well as a team: there are no "slackers" at CHV; the techs and receptionist Candy got the messages immediately to Dr. Hilchuck (Dr. Miller was out for the holiday) and Dr. Hilchuck, while on vacation! promptly returned their texts about Pari. Everyone knew all of Pari's exact symptoms, and when and for how long she had them, and everyone knew Dr. Hilchuck's exact responses and I got responses to my four or five calls (all necessary) within an hour.

You don't have to be a vet to know that a 1.4 lb, 12-week kitten with a bad cold, diarrhea, dehydration and complete loss of appetite is in serious danger of dying and I am quite confident that had I been a petowner at any other veterinary hospital in New York, I would have just been told "take her to such and such emergency veterinary hospital."

Dr. Miller deserves a great deal of credit for finding, hiring, training, and keeping (he has no turnover of staff) such extraordinary staff members!

I have to bring my other Himalayan Mani in for a dental exam by Dr. Miller in three days time and I am so looking forward to this. Everyone at CHV makes it so enjoyable to bring my cats in for appts and there is never a long wait.

5 stars Customer since 2018

My visit to Carnegie Hill Veterinarians yesterday was absolutely phenomenal. I have just recently adopted a dog from the ACC, who came to me with a whole slew of different health problems. The doctor took her time to walk us through each one and was able to provide us with everything from support, to suggestions and solutions. I would definitely recommend Carnegie Hill to any recent pet owners who are looking for a clean, helpful and reasonably priced clinic on the Upper East Side.

5 stars Customer since 2018

In a time of crisis they could not have been more accommodating or nice

5 stars Verified customer

Great. It was my first time and everyone was very kind to us and our dog.

5 stars Customer since 1992

Since all of my dogs and cats have been patients of Dr. Alexander Miller's for 42 years, I had to bring in my new Himalayan kitten for a "wellness" check when Dr. Miller was away on 12/27/17. My little 12 week old female Himmie "Pari,, whom I had just gotten from the breeder in New Jersey, the day before on 12/26/17. ( was seen by Dr. Sascha Hilchuck. Pari was not eating and after the most meticulous physical exam and lengthy astute question, Dr. Hilchuck determined that she was hypoglycemic and had a cold and abnormally low temperature. It always happens this way, whenever I bring in a sick cat to Carnegie Hill Veterinarians, either Dr. Miller or Dr. Hilchuck always diagnose the problems without expensive tests! They are both extraordinary emergency feline veterinarians with rare veterinary clinical skills. Dr. Hilchuck spent 45 minutes with Pari and me and so very easily could have dismissed her not eating to being in her new home and with another Himme, my Seal Point, Mani, but she wasn't about to do that! Furthermore she was going on vacation the next day and instructed me and all of her staff for me to call CHV right away if Pari were either not eating or had diarrhea or vomiting and for the staff to text her and to call me back with her responses!

I stopped by Carnegie HIll Vets on the 28th to see if she had called and Jason the wonderful vet tech recommended I get from them this High Caloric paste to put around Pari's mouth for her to lick off to keep up her glucose.

Only ten days before, Mani was not eating and limping and crying when he walked and Dr. Hilchuck, without even talking to me, but through another sensational vet tech prescribed for Mani to break a 10 mg. tablet of famotidine and (and Fancy Feast Fish dishes) to give it to him before meals twice a day. He had not been eating for 2 days and lay in a corner of my apt. without moving or touching a morsel. I truly thought I was going to lose him! He immediately began to eat with the Pepsid, I had brought him in the day before and he was seen by a third wonderful vet tech Erik Correa who got Mani to eat and save me from a lot of expensive tests. Through the vet that was working that day, I think it was Dr. Kovach, whom I do not know and with whom I have never worked, she said to give him an appetite stimulant the next morning, if he did not eat, which I did and when I got to work, I called and spoke to a vet tech, I am not sure who it was, who got the message to Dr. HIlchuck that day, I think it was 12/06/17, when she prescribed the Pepsid and Fancy Feast fish dishes. which he ate heartily after getting the Pepsid. This was the second time she saved Mani's life, another time, about two years ago I brought Mani in when he was not eating and she saved his life again and prevent him from getting acute liver failure and gave him several shots, including a 10-day appetite stimulant. He got well right away and was able to regain his appetite.

Dr. Miller has his own "share" of saving my cats' lives without expensive tests. Once about 18 years ago, when he was on vacatiion, I had to bring my precious little Persian of 12 years, Katya to a vet on W. 86th Street, a dr. long, when she was not eating. Dr. Long said she would need a battery of more than $1,000 and if they did not explain her lack of eating, she would need exploratory abdominal surgery. Fortunately, Dr. MIller returned and diagnosed, without a single test, her condition as an 'illius" or inexplicable reason for her not eating and he prescribed a "motility" pill, after which she began to eat heartily.

The last thing I have to say about Carnegie HIll Vets that is so wonderful is the most beautiful, serene and heartfelt farewell, I had to give to my fifteen year old Himmie Katya in May of this year. Our appt was at 10:00 for her euthanasia and I arrived at 08:40 and was with her until 2:45, holding her until the fantastic vet Eric Correa gave her the shot to knock her out so Dr. Miller wouldn't have to struggle to find her vein. This was a most memorable, loving farewell to my beloved companion of 15 years. Dr. Miller kept coming in during his office hours to say loving and comforting things to me about Katya and the way I cared for her. The vet tech Marise, was so thoughtful as to heat up her food to make sure she went out on a full stomach .

This euthanasia experience was in sharp contrast to the one I had once a long time ago at Animal Medical Center by a vet who looked barely old enough to be in vet school and whom we were seeing for the first time. It was a heartless, horrible experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy!!

I have to bring Pari back to see Dr. Hilchuck on January 3rd, so she can get her distemper shot which she could not have on 12/27/17 because of her bad cold. I am waiting for this appointment like I anticipate all of my appointments at Carnegie HIll Vets -- with baited breath! I am treated so regally by all the staff there and by Dr. Miller and Dr. Hilchuck.

I most highly recommend Dr. Alexander MIller and Dr. Sasha Hilchuck to petowners who want top notch veterinary care for their furry family members.


5 stars Verified customer

Been using CHV for 7 years. My dog has always received excellent care from the doctors and technicians. Highly recommend!

5 stars Customer since 2003

Terrific as usual. Friendly, efficient, recognized and called by name . We would not go anywhere else.