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Great service and great people!

2 stars Verified customer

This review is not a reflection of the quality of work Lindsay does but the wait time for this appointment and almost every appointment is awful. We waited almost an hour in the waiting room and another 10-15 once in a room. Lindsay did apology for the wait. If this was a one time issue, I would not rate so low but 3 of us from my family go here and see 3 different people and it's almost always at least an hour wait.

5 stars Customer since 2020

Brenda and her staff are always professional and helpful. I was able to get in on a two day notice and had my problems resolved in about 15 minutes. She is the best. Sheila Ratzlaff

3 stars Verified customer

had to wait over an hour. I understand things come up but just would have been nice to know when I checked in. The staff is always great though.

5 stars Customer since 2020

Great service and people

1 stars Verified customer

I waited over an hour and a half in the waiting room, despite showing up to my appointment 15 minutes early, as requested. At no point did the receptionists even give the numerous patients a head's up about how obscenely long the wait time would be. I understand that things happen, there are delays, etc, but to waste that much of someone's time is just unprofessional. ESPECIALLY when it is the policy of the facility to charge a fee if a patient were to be late. Your time is valuable, but so is ours. When I finally did inquire as to how much longer they thought it might be, the receptionists were snippy and rude. Several other patients ended up walking out without even getting to see their doctors because they simply couldn't wait any longer. A really terrible and unprofessional experience. I will not be back.

1 stars Customer since 2021

Was seen twice for a rash under my eyes. The only solution I was given was to keep using the same steroid cream that I had already reported had made the rash come back even worse both times I stopped using it. I think they're just trying to get you in and out of this place.

Finally tossed the terrible steroid cream and started treating myself with an antibacterial supplement and non-steriod cream and started to get results that don't come with a horrible rebound rash.

5 stars Customer since 2021

The experience with Dr. Ku was great she is very knowledgeable and was able to tell me what I needed for my skin condition. The problem that I have is that you are NOT able to get ahold of the front office. I have Left various voicemails and have also issued out an email request to send my corrected prescription to correct pharmacy using the portal. I and have yet to receive a respond. This is extremely frustrating how I am unable to get assistance on such an easy task.

5 stars Verified customer

Amy is great. Always is! Scheduling, however, was a mess.

I made my follow up appt prior to leaving the office the day of my initial visit. I received numerous emails and texts confirming my follow up on Thursday, November 4.

When I checked in I was NOT on Amy's schedule. I was on Brenda's schedule for a follow up visit that Amy had asked that I make. They told me it would be a longer wait if I wanted Amy that day so I decided to wait for Brenda. 45 minutes later I was put in a room for Brenda. The nurse came in and said, "So, we are seeing you about a rash on your face?" Nope. I had a cyst on my finger that Amy had lanced and was to follow up with her. Brenda came in and quickly apologized for my wait and went to tell Amy.

Amy came in about 10 minutes later. Visit complete.

4 stars Verified customer

Waited for over an hour from my scheduled appointment to see the dr. They always run behind.