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I waited until I received my finished glasses before writing this review.

Overall, my experience was very disappointing. I arrived 15 minutes before my appointed time and waited nearly an hour past my appointment time before being seen by anyone. I thought this was inappropriate and, chatting with a woman also waiting in the waiting area, she thought it was excessive as well.

When I had my eyes examined I felt that the examiner was rushing me and not giving me enough time to make a clear decision as to which lens was best. I also felt that she was, at times, steering me towards certain decisions. When I was finished with my eye exam I had every intention of having my glasses made right there at the Center for Sight but I was told that there was no one there to help me, and that when the woman who was scheduled to work would arrive several hours later, she would not be able to help me for at least two hours. Needless to say this did not inspire much confidence in me to have my glasses made there.

I therefore elected to have my glasses made at Costco. When I tried on my new glasses I found that my vision beyond about 2 feet is blurry. I wore the new glasses for three days to see if my eyes would adjust, but my corrected vision is still blurry. I now have a $219 dollar pair of glasses that are useless. I will need to have the entire process redone, including the eye exam which obviously did not give me the correct prescription. Being a high school teacher and working two jobs, both at the high school and the local community college, it is very difficult for me to take off time from work to redo this process, but it looks like that is what I will have to do. I will not be able to go to another provider, as my insurance company will cover only one exam per year. I am now using my old glasses, as they are vastly better that the new ones I just acquired.

My interaction with Dr Shorb was very pleasant and professional, but overall this has been a very poor experience for me.

5 stars Customer since 2007

I am glad I made the choice to have this procedure done.. It went well , and I think it has helped some, already. It was helpful to me , that Ted, explain every step of the procedure . It was a very painless procedure .

I can tell you from past experiences the Center for Sight ,has the very best Ophthalmology Doctors ,in the profession of eyesight . They have never given me a wrong diagnosis or treatment. As surgeons, I'd trust them to the moon. I would give them 10 stars, instead of just 5. If anyone need a testimony, just call me.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I had the Lipiflow procedure for dry eye. I was taken into the office on time and the technician was excellent. I is currently unknown if and how much this procedure will help my condition, but I am following instructions and have high hopes for some relief.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Runs like a well oiled machine

5 stars Customer since 2010

Very timely

Very professional

No trainees took care of me

Great experience

5 stars Verified customer

Dr. Paul Petelin is awesome and he made my Lasik experience very comfortable. He was confident in his ability to correct my sight but still has a caring disposition. He was recommended by my optometrist who says he is the best for astigmatism correction and I could not be more happy with the results. The day after surgery one of my eyes was already at 20/15. He explained what to expect afterwards and possible negatives during my consult. Thank you to all the amazing staff at Center for Sight I would recommend them to anyone considering vision enhancement. I have already shared their information with several friends

3 stars Customer since 2016

The gal who did the preliminary work was indifferent and needed my constant coaching on what I was perceiving . Not helpful. Did not explain anything she was doing. Dilated my eyes without telling me she was doing it and was unconcerned about my discomfort after the drops were in. She seemed more interested in getting my $35.00 for my new prescription than in my concerns.

The Dr. gave me information about my MS that I was already aware of and answered my questions ina direct and clear explication. I was more favorably impressed with him.

1 stars Customer since 2017

This was a terrible experience. I plan to tell my teferring doctor Dr. Matthew Hummel that this was a bad referral. During the 1.25 hours at the office, I spent 5 minutes with Dr. He said the receptionist would give me a referral for Dr. Steve Chin. She was unable to do so and told me she would send it in a email but never did. I called back and the said the do not give referrals.

My wife was scheduled for an appointment but is now looking for a different doctor.

5 stars Customer since 2013

As always my appointment with Dr Shorb was excellent and I appreciate his knowledge and explanations about my eye care.

3 stars Verified customer

This was a 1 year followup to check on the status of cataracts in both eyes.

The initial contact with the receptionist found her in a long discussion with another patient about possible future procedures. I was asked to sit down until called upon. This took about 10 minutes.

At about 20 minutes I was led to an examination room. The equipment appeared to be like that of most optometrists' offices, except the CforS equipment appeared to be older models than those used by my long-standing optometrist. I did not know this exam would include vision testing and my impression of the exam, conducted by someone who has unknown credentials and a somewhat distant bedside manner, was a shortened version of my standard optometrist. The CofS examiner never did obtain a clear refraction for my left eye, surprising since it had been achieved by my optometrist just a few month earlier. I would not use the CforS prescription to order new glasses. Instead, I would use the one from my optometrist conducted 7 months prior. I would trust his to produce a pair of glasses that would provide the best visual acuity possible.

At the time of a pressure test my eyes were treated with some type of medicinal drops. This was followed with drops for dilation. Then I was asked to sit in a waiting area, then taken to still another exam room, in which I waited for what seemed like a long time but was actually only about 30 minutes. The ophthalmologist, a really talented and personable professional, took about 5 minutes looking at my eyes and then said my cataracts are not progressing rapidly, stating that I may need surgery in a couple of years. At that point he left and I left. I don't recall leaving with any written information or paperwork.

In summary, the communications were terse and the waits were too long. The process of the vision and pressure screening seemed a little dated. The communication, except for the ophthalmologist, was sparse and not informative. Next time I'd just like to have the ophthalmologist examine my eyes to determine the state of my cataracts only. I would gladly bring in the results of a recent optometrist's exam, hoping to skip the vision screening at CforS.

I believe if I did receive cataract surgery it would be of a high quality at CofS. However, after this visit experience, I would check out a number of possible providers before selecting CforS for surgery.