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Prompt and efficient service, with an interim repirt provided by telephone.

5 stars Customer since 2013

As always, Foreign Exchange is professional and gets the job done right the first time. Excellent customer service!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Always a pleasure. The folks are knowledgeable on so many vehicle lines and have great technical experience in servicing and diagnosing your ride. There are never any surprises. The staff keeps you informed on your vehicle's progress and discusses with you any additional items that they encounter as to how serious or in what time frame they should be addressed.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Once again, very happy with the staff and the service i received!

5 stars Verified customer

Love the staff here. They took the time to get to know me and let me rant about my car troubles. Repairs done pretty quickly and very professional.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Ricky was very profession in finding the problems to my car and fixing them in a very timely manner

5 stars Customer since 2014

They're great about letting you know what problems are coming up (and showing you...not just telling you). I also like the way that they've even given me advice on some repairs that I've done myself. They ARE my personal mechanic!

Tom Brocke,"99" Merc.C280 owner

2 stars Customer since 2017

Foreign Exchange has been servicing my car since I bought it almost 2 years ago. I have never had a problem with them until this last time. My car was towed to the Dayton facility. They called me later in the day and said I had a fuel pump problem. This is the Friday before the Memorial day weekend. They said that they would get the pump on Tuesday and repair the car. I was assuming that they would have the car finished on Tuesday. I did not get a call and called them on Wednesday. I was told that they had not gotten to it. I was also told that it would be a few days before they could. This was not conveyed to me at the time they called and told me it was a fuel pump problem. This was an issue but I could live with it even if I didn't like it. They said that they would get it done next. I was ok with that. Thursday they got to it in the afternoon and said they would have it done on Friday around noon. Another stumble. They didn't get it done until late Friday. I work Friday night and Saturday days so I told them I would not be able to pick it up until Monday. I got there Monday and paid for the service. I started my car and the check engine light was on. I went back inside and asked about it. They told me that they didn't check what the codes said. I responded with an incredulous expression and asked why. I was told it wasn't on the work order. I asked if they didn't think knowing what the car thought was wrong with it wasn't important. They said yes but they didn't do it. I didn't know want to say. They said that I could bring it back in and they would look at it. This is after it has been there for a week and a half. I said no that's all right and went to leave, got in my car started to back up and the gentleman was walking up to my car and said that he had a tech still there and they could look at it now. I said fine. They looked at it said it could be several things and cleared it. Said it may or may not come back. They said I could bring it in and they could trouble shoot it. I said thank you and left. I have not decided if I want to take it back there or not.

5 stars Customer since 2006

The best service in the business!

Josh Richardson


MIG Chrysler & Buckeye Motors

5 stars Customer since 2010

Always great professional service as always.