5 stars Customer since 2024

Dr. Lunde’s office super nice. Check in was quick and efficient. Dr. Lunde provided impeccable service and managed my time his time effectively. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lunde and his staff!

5 stars Customer since 2024

I was well pleased with my ENT exam. Was treated with

professionally and courtesy by Doctor and staff.

5 stars Verified customer

Friendly and caring and efficient

5 stars Verified customer

Evan, Excellent customer service, and very knowledgeable.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone was very friendly and professional. Results of testing were clearly explained.

5 stars Verified customer

After breaking my nose, Dr. Lunde took excellent care of me. He provided me with the care information I needed to get swelling reduced. Then he repositioned the nose for me in office. Lastly, he provided care information to reduce the swelling and then to reduce the bruising and lessen the size of the bump on my forehead. All of this was done in a caring, friendly atmosphere. In addition, the appointments were on time.

5 stars Customer since 2022

Excellent as always. Such a kind and excellent qroup of employees and the best of all the Drs I see in every way, quality patience and superb knowledge in every way especially like myself the older generation. Thank you Dr. Lunde

5 stars Customer since 2024

Superior. Dr. Lunde is very professional and was very detailed with everything he discussed with me, regarding my treatment plan.

1 stars Customer since 2020

Do NOT see this doctor.

To start with he is the rudest doctor I have ever met.

Not only is he rude but he is brutal. If an ENT doctor does not know how painful it is to touch an ear drum then who does.

I am not a new patient and have been to see him before. My experience then should have been a warning but I gave him another chance unfortunately for me.

There was no nurse in the room either by the way. Another red flag.

After I lay down he aggressively grabs my earlobe tugging on it like a piece of meat to move my head, Then he brutally digs into my ear while I’m wincing in pain. He is not in the slighted bit concerned that he is inflicting pain. He just keeps right on digging does not give a damn. I had to YELL at him to stop he was hurting me so much.

I have had this procedure done for twenty five years and no doctor has brutalized me in such a cruel, indifferent, callous and shocking way.

He did not have the patience to work gently as other doctors have done to complete the procedure.

No, he just sent me home and told me to return.

In addition to the painful process he has

caused me to have a throbbing pain in my ear, a very sharp stabbing like pain, ringing in my ear and a constant beating vibration in my ear. Unacceptable Dr. Lunde.

I NEVER have earaches and after going to get medical treatment at his office without any prior ear pain not only do I have to endure his brutality but it resulted in him causing extreme pain now in my ear.

No ENT doctor in twenty years has done such a terrible job with such unnecessary pain.

Just another warning his office staff reflect the rudeness and indifference of their vile boss in their attitude to patients too.

Repeat, do not go this practice and do not see this brute


I am really concerned that he has damaged my ear and my hearing and will be seeking alternate professional help to mitigate his incompetence.

Mary Magruder

P.S .I had to put a star in order to publish this review but it should be a zero!

5 stars Customer since 2023

Very professional and friendly