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Friendly, really care about my furry companion!

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This experience with Main St Animal Hospital was so different from other visits! Each time we have taken our pup here we have had great service!

Our 6 year old dog had gotten some fleas, very minor case (literally 2 fleas), but we wanted to make sure we treated it properly and with products that were vet approved, after reading up on the initial product we purchased and saw less than satisfactory reviews. We brought him in, just a walk in, to purchase the flea treatment. It was a Saturday morning, no one was waiting in the lobby and there were 3 young women, 1 of which I recognized from our previous visits, sitting behind the front desk chatting. We were warmly greeted, and asked about why were visiting.

We told them we were there to buy flea medicine if possible, and what do they recommend as treatment/prevention. This was the beginning of an extremely bizarre transaction, and it was so off putting I will not be returning with my animal. The kinder of the girls went to the back to see what they had available, while we were asked to weigh our dog. We were informed he had gained some weight within the last year, and it seemed like there was a negative insinuation there but she did not elaborate on it or inquiry to any changes in his routine, diet, etc.

The other associate came back out (the 3rd had her back turned to us restocking the entire time) and informed us they had some treatment, gave a name, and said it would be a 6 month supply. Then she said she would get it ready to bring out and went back to the back room. The other associate started pulling up our dogs information, but was so, for lack of better words, weird about it. I didn't really understand if she was wanting to have a conversation or talk to me about the product or the dog or what, she was so weird in her mannerisms and interaction. I awkwardly waited for the medicine to be brought out, in silence, and then was handed a box and was told in the same awkward and abrupt manner that I owed almost $100 for flea medicine for a chihuahua.

I was very understandably and obviously taken a back by that pricing, especially considering she or anyone else there had really told me what it was or how it worked or what the heck I was paying for. I stood there and balked for a full 30 seconds while the associate just stared back at me and ultimately shelled out the money because my dog *might have, probably not* needed it.

Only at that point did the nice associate ask if I knew how to use it, and explained how it worked. I was pretty shocked still though when I asked if it would cause any negative effects with the initial treatment i had given him if I used it soon, and was met with 2 "I don't knows" from both girls and a very unprofessional laugh..... My dog is 6 pounds, if I am putting medicine in/on his body, that I am buying from a veterinarian office nonetheless, I expect the vet staff AT THE VERY LEAST to know what parameters are safe and where there are risks when it comes to its use and interaction with other medications.

I do not feel like my pet is in safe hands anymore, and as they also rudely pointed out before I left the store/office, my dog is due for his annual shots, and we will be taking him elsewhere after this experience.

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as always , friendly respectful thorough service. The staff remember my dog and my family and treat us with compassion.

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Patient and kind staff.

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Stuff is always very kind and ready to give the best care for our furballs

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As always I enjoyed out appointment. The vets are very knowledgeable and do not push unnecessary treatments. The receptionists/assistants are always so friendly and helpful.

I recommend them to everyone

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Our Review is - It is always a pleasant experience at Main Street Animal Hospital. The staff are very friendly and helpful alwayss, and Dr Toor is a great Vet

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Dr. Toor is a fantastic vet. He and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and have always been very loving towards my little boy. I have a cat named Jasper who has struggled with chronic inflammatory bowel disease, anorexia, nausea and urinary problems. When my cat was at the Vancouver Animal ER Hospital 3yrs ago for a partially blocked urethra, the ER veterinarian highly recommended for me to take my cat to the Mainstreet Animal Hospital in North Vancouver for his ongoing care. I have been with Dr. Toor and his staff for the last 3 1/2years and have been extremely happy with the care that they have provided. Their overall veterinary prices are also very reasonal. I would highly recommend bringing your pets to this animal hospital.

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Excellent team

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Very kind staff