91.6% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Did a great job on my brakes and offered me discounts as well.

5 stars Verified customer

Always courteous and helpful and I can trust them to do a great job - they are my go to for anything automotive

5 stars Verified customer

Greatly appreciated the directness and honesty. No pressure tactics to perform added services. They did exactly what they said they would do in a prompt and courteous fashion.

5 stars Verified customer

Quick/Painle$$/Efficient and Still My Go-to Guys for all things CAR. The crew is always up front about the work/price,mechanics know how to service the vehicle quickly and CORRECTLY.My hard-earned money is always well-spent at this shop.

5 stars Verified customer

Thank you

1 stars Verified customer

Worst experience with Midas that I have ever come to know. Over charged, taken advantage of and BROKE MY CAR IN A WAY WHICH COULD HAVE KILLED ME!

Trying to leave work one night I come to find out that I have no brakes. Remembering that I had the same issue back in december 2017, I decided to call Midas to see if I was under warranty. They told me that indeed I was. That I had my breaks and break lines replaced and that it all sounded like the same exact issue.The man on the phone from the Midas in Kenosha told me to have my car towed to another shop in Mundelein. I questioned why so far since at the moment I was at work in Lake In The Hills. He told me not to worry, that the tow and service would be FREE! Excited and so happy I agreed to this.

The next day I get a call and am told that the problems are worse and that I will have to pay $641.00 to get my car fixed and that included tow. Shocked from this and not having that money at the moment I had to pawn jewelery to come up with the money. I am told that they needed to replace my cylinders, brakes and my drums. I felt pressured to have them do this work. My car was undrivable and couldnt afford to have it towed again.

I come up with the money and give them the go. Another day goes by and they call to say my car is ready. I go in to pay and see the bill and all the work they did which included..

R new brake shoes - Quantity1. $60.00 CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY THEY ONLY DID ONE BRAKE?!

R drum hardware kit - Quantity 1. $36.99

R wheel cylinders - Quantity 2 $75.98

Wheel CYL line - Quantity 1 $19.98

After all other charges including parts and labor plus the tow the price came out to $641.00. That's not even what I'm really mad about.

On my way home about half way there, I hear something dragging under my car. I pull over and see that I am dragging my brake line which has twisted and wedged its self into the ground so I was forcfully dragging it. It wasn't just hanging and occasionally hitting.. This was DRAGGING The plastic that was wrapped around it had melted or broken off.. It was in a position that if it would have hooked onto something it would have ripped it right out from under my car. I COULD HAVE CRASHED! Luckily the next day I had a guy who cuts my lawn for me to unwedge and zip tie the bake line back up into place. Another mechanic looked at it and said it looked like they broke it and just shoved it up back into place probably hoping I wouldn't notice.

Other problems have come up too. My brakes have locked up twice on me causing a light in my dash to come on that I have never seen before and it is a light for the brake system. Whenever I go to use my brakes and come to a stop they SCREAM. It is so incredibly EMBARRASSING!

I will never return to another Midas again. This was my second bad experience in one year. Everyone be careful, do your research and check your reviews!

4 stars Verified customer

Great service. Good knowledgeable technicians

5 stars Verified customer

Always honors an appointment, courteous and thorough, clear explanations on everything. Spotted a lot of problems other shops hadn't. Normally I'd call B.S. on a list of necessary repairs, but when they got done I noticed the difference, big time!

5 stars Verified customer

Very good service, thank you

5 stars Verified customer