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When I was looking for a dentist for my son, I was VERY choosy. He's my only child and I want what is best for him. I did all of the research and felt as though this location would be the best choice. His first appointment at two years old went well. His second appointment at 2.5 was quite different. Turns out he has a cavity in between his two front teeth. I was of course devastated since we brush his teeth 3X a day and floss and don't allow him much in the way of sugars. They said that sometimes that happens, though.....can't do enough preventative. Their answer to this problem is, of course, to do a filling. The problem I have with their answer is that they would only do the xray and the filling if he was put under general anesthesia. They said that they cannot get clear pictures of a toddlers teeth in an xray without them being asleep. Plus, they have no idea how many more cavities he has without the xray, so there will most likely be more to be filled at the same time. I've heard over and over again, recently, how toddlers are dying from being put under general anesthesia for dentistry, so of course I was VERY upset. There was very little, if any, compassion shown towards my feelings on the matter. They were even upset with me that I requested they give me the paperwork to fill out for the anesthesiologist at home, instead of on their ipad, so they emailed me a link to their website so I could fill it out at home that way. After doing so, I decided I really did want a second opinion. So I researched again and found several dentists that feel general anesthesia is overkill for this situation. I ended up going to KiDDS Dental in Liberty Lake. He was very good with my son. Caring, went out of his way to make my son comfortable with him and the environment and the things that he would be doing to him. We got xrays of all of my sons teeth with no trouble at all. He said that cavity is very small and he can do the filling with no problems with no general anesthesia. This doctor said that, although they do offer general anesthesia, he feels it would have been excessive to need to use it for this filling and that it would have been completely unnecessary for an xray.....obviously. All of the rest of his teeth are in perfect condition and nothing to worry about with them. It's just that his two front teeth are SO tight together.....makes for a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, unfortunately. I left there with an appointment a month earlier than Molly Gunsaulis was offering me to have his filling done at KiDDS Dental WITHOUT general anesthesia. I left there feeling so much better than when I left Gunsaulis' office! I felt they truly cared about my son and his well being.

I will NEVER recommend Molly Gunsaulis' office to anyone. They are a very clean location. Have a lot of toys and they are all digital and electronic and all of the degrees and education is there and , outwardly, they are generally nice. At the end of the day, though, they had no problem at all putting my sons life at risk to make their job easier. I understand that it will be quite a bit easier to do their job with him asleep; but they wanted me to put my son on a ventilator, stop him from being able to breath on his own, have him not eat for 18 hours before having the procedure done, I couldn't be in the room with him because it was considered a surgical procedure, and all because it would be easier for them. I know general anesthesia is a common practice now. Everyone uses it. It's common knowledge. It's just not a risk I wanted to take with my son and they were unwilling to even attempt to take an xray, that was easily taken by someone else, without having it become a surgical procedure. I couldn't be more disappointed in this location. Moral of the story: Get a second opinion!

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Thanks so much. Danielle, was awesome!

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Always a great experience!!

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As always, Dr. Molly and her team were phenomenal. From helping get my son on the schedule on short notice to helping me understand the treatment plan for an unexpected procedure and making sure my little guy was comfortable and well taken care of. I can't thank them enough for such a positive experience

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Great Job.

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Our first time at a Pediatric Dentist & Dr. Molly was great!!

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It was our younger sons first visit and he never likes to sit and actually let anyone mess with his teeth. Esra was great at working with him the best she could. The Doc was also outstanding.

We developed a "plan" for the 6 month checkup next time so hopefully he learns to cooperate and realize the dental office isn't a bad place.

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The staff was great at setting my daughter at ease as she needed her first filling. They were patient and kind. Dr. Molly is one of my kids' favorite people. The office staff are always helpful as well.

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Excellent service

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My son loves going to the dentist because of Dr. Molly and her staff!!!

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Appreciated the information about a leaky axel joint and I took the car to Jaremko who ordered the part and will repair it under the current warranty. Excellent service as has been my family's experience for many years. All personnel at Ray & Roy's are a pleasure to work with. And so happy to see the interior floors vacuumed. Thank you so much!
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