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Before last week, I would have said 5 stars, and after last week, I would say 3, so landing in the middle with 4. I have been going to Silk & Stone since it was just one room, and when Kaniz did all of the beauty services. My service was always great, and even as the business expanded, the service remained very good (but was always best when Kaniz was around). Last week, I called to make an appointment to get my brows done and the woman who answered was very short with me, laughed at me when I asked if I could be seen the same day, and seemed overwhelmed and rushed, which resulted in poor patience, communication and customer service. I ended up needing to change the appointment I made, and the same woman answered the phone next day, and provided the same subpar service. My brow threading was OK, but more painful than when Kaniz does it. There was also clearly a disagreement between two other staff about who could use which room, and the disagreement was made pretty public. That, on top of the poor customer service on the phone, made for an awkward and not very pleasurable experience.

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Facial, body scrub and a mani-pedi. So amazing! Definitely going back.

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Well this is going to be pretty long. First when I called in to make my appointment the lady kept pushing me to come in and I finally had to get a little rude and tell her No I cant because I didnt feel good. Ok so I get a text appointment reminder to come at 430 but my appointment was 415 so I came the time thier text told me to. I get there and the lady at the counter tells me im late so I tell her about the text. Im standing there looking around and she asked me if it waa my first time there. I say yes it is and she walks away I have to stop her and ask her what all they offer she tells me briefly and hurried off to the back or something who knows. So she leaves me waiting 30 mins and finally they take me to the next room which was really large. Soon as I get in the room they sit me in a boxed in chair with hardly any room to move around. My purse is huge and I had to hold it in my lap the entire time no one offered me any place to sit it or my jacket. She comes out with a bowl of hot water for me to cram my feet in to. There was a lady getting a pedicure who was literally 1 or 2 feet away from me which gave me no privacy at all. The workers said they only had one clean towell left. Which made me pretty uncomfortable because she came up with another one and I don't know if it was clean. The lady getting her manicure was so close to me that she was watching my feet get done. To top it off the water made my feet tingle so I asked Whats in the water. The lady doing my feet looked at me confused and looked at her coworker doing the manicure. The lady doing the manicure who could hear me because we were so close says I just asked her (thw woman getting the manicure how she felt and she said she was fine) I didn't care what she said and I was upset about her getting in a conversation i was having. The woman doing my feet says mabye its something wrong with your feet. When she saw I was not amused she got quiet. I was so offended that I let her finish and left without getting them painted. I still have old nail polish on my toes. I got this Groupon as a gift and its the worst gift I have gotten in my life. As for it being a spa pedicure... I don't think so my 11 year old does a better job. I will never reccommend this place to any body and I called my sister and told her. I took some pictures too so that she would know I'm not exaggerating. And to top it off it smells like old makeup there they need to light a candle or something.. I'm never coming back ever

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I've been going to Silk and Stone for a few years now and I have always had a great experience here.

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Very good facial and I really liked the atmosphere.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Henna applied to my hair. Thank you, Vi! Eyebrows done. Loose leaf organic teas for gifts. I love Silk & Stone!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Shuba and Petra are wonderful, as always!

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The appointment started out alright at first. I arrived early and was seen right away. But about halfway through the appointment another customer hadn't received the full service she requested. The other employee walked over to the woman threading my eyebrows and asked if she had time to add on another service. The woman threading my eye brows said that she did but it would be after my appointment. But the rest of my appointment was incredibly rushed, she didn't take her time to clean my eyebrows up. She was not gentle on my face when she was rushing and there was a clear distinction between the level of service being provided before she felt rushed.

As is I showed up to my appointment early and feel that the same amount of time, care, and attention to detail should have been provided.

As is she took WAAYY too much off of my eyebrows when I clearly said I prefer them thicker and more natural. But didn't clean up her lines, I ended up having to go back myself and clean it up. Which defeats the purpose of going and having your eyebrows threaded by a "professional".

I am sincerely disappointed with the level of service being provided. It was shockingly different than prior experiences.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Really great service! I was very pleased with the results!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Inviting, relaxing, theraputic, grounding, and unique.