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5 stars Customer since 2013

Best dentist ever.

Osra Peart

5 stars Customer since 2013

All my kids go to star dental including myself and I am never disappointed. The staff is friendly , kind and accommodating . The doctors are always on time. I moved to Connecticut four years ago and I refuse to find a new dentist so I take the long trip because it is worth the drive. Keep up the great work guys.

Osra Peart

5 stars Customer since 2014

Great, fast service, nice people!

5 stars Verified customer

Best dentist office in NYC

5 stars Customer since 2015


5 stars Customer since 2013

Great doctor wonderful service and excellent team

5 stars Verified customer

The office is always so friendly and welcoming. Dentists and hygienists explain everything they are doing and give you real answers to questions.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everything was done Corect and Respecful

3 stars Customer since 2015

I have only one complaint about Star Dental, and that is that there must be some type of glitch in their scheduling software, and I hope they will fix it soon! I cannot arrive any earlier than 6pm because of my work schedule, so I always ask for a late appointment, put it on my calendar, and forget about it for six months until I get the reminder call, text, and email a couple days before the appointment. EVERY SINGLE TIME, those reminders have been for a different time than the appointment I actually scheduled, usually earlier. This makes me panic because I can't make it earlier than 6, so I frantically call them and confirm the later time.

This time was the worst of all and leads me to write this review, in hope that things will improve if enough people complain. I scheduled a 6:30pm appointment six months ago for today. Last week, I got a text confirming my appointment...for 5:30pm. And an email confirming my appointment...for 6:00pm. And a phone message confirming my appointment...for 6:15pm. Of course I called the office to confirm which of these four times I should actually arrive (I happened to be off work today, so 5:30pm was okay, but I didn't want to show up at 5:30pm and then wait an hour for my appointment!), and the receptionist helpfully confirmed that "oh, yes, you have an appointment at 4:30pm." What?! That was never in the mix! I explained to her that 4:30pm was not an option for me, but I could do 5:30, 6:00, 6:15, or 6:30. She said that 5:30 was not open, but 6:30 was open, so I confirmed for 6:30.

Today (day of the appointment), I received a text confirming my appointment...at 5:30pm. I again called the office, explained the situation, and she said in fact my appointment WAS at 5:30. So that's the time I arrived, and I was seen promptly with great service as usual. Again, this really is the only complaint that I have. The actual service I've received has always been excellent, it's a very convenient location, and I love that they have evening hours so I don't need to take time off from work.

After my appointment today, I scheduled my next one for six months from now, and explained to the receptionist what happened this time around. She told me I should just always call to confirm the time.

While it is reasonable to call to confirm if there is confusion about the time of an appointment, it seems unreasonable to have to do this every single time (twice, this time around). If you have a reminder system (which, if it works, is a convenience I much appreciate, and text and email are more convenient for me than phone), at the very least the types of reminders need to be synced so they are confirming the same (hopefully correct...) time! It's worse than nothing to get a reminder that is the wrong time. Every time this happens, it causes anxiety as I worry that I will miss my appointment, and wastes time when I have to call to confirm. Please fix it asap!