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5 stars Customer since 2018

Mark and Mario work hard to get my needs taken care of. Thanks guys

5 stars Customer since 2018

Mark and Mario are very helpful and work hard to get all my needs taken care of. Thanks guys

4 stars Verified customer

My first experience was a little off. Went in for an oil change. Work was performed very quickly, however, when I go to home I noticed oil on the grill. I popped the hood and discovered the oil cap had not been replaced.

I called and tthey apologized and asked if I could bring the car right back. I did and the hey powered washed my engine compartment and front end, topped off the oil, and gave me $5 from the register to get a car wash. They also credited my account.

Overall, they turned a potentially bad experience into a show of exemplary customer service.

5 stars Verified customer

Wonderful experience ...they got my vehicle in fast ..addressed the issues I was having with my vehicle and walked me through the problems.Mark was very cheerful and helpful along with Scott the tech that inspected my car great team at Sun devil auto

5 stars Customer since 2014

Always great service

5 stars Customer since 2009

Caught two problems that saved me from what would have been a bad trip.

3 stars Verified customer

Went in for AC recharge-- wouldn't just recharge it. Insisted I have a leak and to do $145 dollar service, despite my thoughts. Just paid because it's 109 degrees and I need some semblance of AC. I'll have another mechanic check for leaks and I'll be very surprised if he finds one.

Sun Devil Auto #07 replied:

Thanks for your feedback. At Sun Devil Auto we understand the importance of having a working air conditioner during the hottest months of the year. Our commitment to our customers at Sun Devil Auto, is to fix the vehicle correctly the first time and a "quick fix" such as a refill of refrigerant, in this case, would not repair your vehicle sufficiently. Simply put, we would not feel right knowing your vehicle was not repaired correctly. Because the AC system is sealed, if your vehicle is low on refrigerant, there is most likely a leak. If our technicians were to fill the vehicle with refrigerant, as you requested, it would soon leak out. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your visit, we urge you to reach out to the service center and speak with the Store Manager.

2 stars Customer since 2017

My most recent visit to your Glendale location provided timely and professional service. Prior to my appointment yesterday , I had my code pulled from my obd2 and discovered that the repair needed was a new thermostat which stuck in the open position causing the coolant fan to continuously run. Your store manager informed me after your tech pulled the code from my obd2 that the code was not information to repair or replace the thermostat. I asked your store manager what the result of the code reading was and refused stating "We don't have enough information and need to run a full diagnostic find the problem which costs $115". 45 minutes later I was informed by your manager that the thermostat was stuck in the open position. And he informed me I would be needing a new thermostat housing and a full coolant flush. In past repairs at different Sun Devil Auto shops , full diagnostic analysis was not a charge line item on the final invoice if I agreed to repairs diagnosed on that visit.

Are these new policy and procedures handed down by the corporate office?

If so , I will be seeking future auto repairs with a different company.

Sun Devil Auto #07 replied:

Thanks for your feedback, Tom. Your business and loyalty to Sun Devil Auto is very important to us. We greatly appreciate your business and understand your concerns regarding the diagnosis fee. Typically, these fees apply whenever additional assessment is needed, beyond a visual or a scan for codes, and often requires some sort of labor to determine the cause which is standard within the industry. It is our understanding that the Store Manager has reached out to you to discuss your visit and has provided an in-store credit as a courtesy. We thank you for choosing Sun Devil Auto and look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

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Great customer service support and made me feel like genuine service was giving.

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Always a great experience. Never a problem