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5 stars Customer since 2013

Very satisfied with the good service.

5 stars Customer since 2008

It was a pleasure. Needed an oil change right away and in 2 hours I was there and done.

3 stars Customer since 2017

You forgot to rotate my tires.

Sun Devil Auto #18 replied:

Jeff, we apologize for the oversight in rotating your tires. We ask that you return at a time that is convenient for you so that we may complete your service as requested. We look forward to seeing you.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Always get great service from this store! The guys are awesome!

5 stars Customer since 2013

Best Staff, Best Service, Best Place bar none! They are friendly, professional, efficient, prompt, thorough and perfect!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Great job keep me me up to date on my truck and it's needs

5 stars Customer since 2016

Very honest and reasonable auto shop. Only my 2nd time bringing my car in, I will definitely come back for any future needs.

3 stars Customer since 2017

We were told about Sun Devil Auto from a local tow company, after our car overheated on the 101 near 67th ave. & Bell rd.

We met the tow truck there, explained to them that the car overheated and smoke was visibly coming from under the hood on the highway, and as I pulled off of the next available exit, the engine shut itself down. The nice fellow at the front counter sympathised with me, and assured me that they would take care of me. So i caught a ride home, and waited about four full days to find out the damage.

At that time, they gave me an estimate that I was going to be about five to six days without a vehicle and somewhere around $2,000-3,000 dollars into it.

Every other day we would call to check on the progress, and during every single call, a muriad of new problems popped up and the price jumped up even faster!!! All in all, Sun Devil Auto ended up replacing the engine, putting in a new radiator, water pump, spark plugs, thermostat, hoses, engine mount, new clutch, and replaced all belts.

When it was all said and done, it was actually more than 2 1/2 weeks later, and exactly $5,386.09 in repairs. I am a single mother of two, and I work full time, so needless to say, without a vehicle and no extra time, I was unable to get a second opinion on the car from another mechanic like I probably should have, and I myself know very little about anything under the hood. But throughout the time Sun Devil Auto was working on my car, I was speaking to anyone and everyone (including my exboyfriend-that is a mechanic, and my step father-who has always worked on his own vehicles & has rebuilt several cars from the ground up!!!) about the details of what Sun Devil Auto was doing, and the collective consensus was that I was paying too much. So I started looking up the cost & availability of each part in the valley, and researched the average cost of labor and man hours for similar repairs. You know, as I said I am no expert, but I can't seem to fathom the extra $1,500 they tacked on to the total cost.

Anyway, after three weeks, they told me I was good to go and that they had test driven it a few times and everything. I paid them, thanked them and was very grateful to finally be on my way.

I was feeling pretty confident because everyone I spoke to about the car told me that it should run strong for years after having the new engine and it damn well better after paying over $5,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, on the second day I had the car on the road, problems began surfacing. I noticed that it was leaking a small amount of clean oil and sometimes it would not shift into reverse- I had to push it backwards to get out of my parking space in the condominium complex that I live in. So I kept an eye on the issues, but on the fifth day I was exiting the highway, trying to shift down from fifth to fourth gear, and I couldn't catch any gear at all. The sound of grinding metal was piercing, echoing through the car- every gear suddenly completely blocked.

So I rolled into an apartment complex and called Sun Devil Auto immediately, because prior to bringing my car in to them, I never had a problem with the clutch at all. They agreed to have the car towed back to their shop to look at it. After another five days, they tell me that they are unable to fix the problem and that I need to take the car to a transmission place..... WHAT THE F?!?!!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? SO I AM JUST SHIT OUT


At that point, I am upset. I am emotionally and physically exhausted with this entire car situation, not to mention COMPLETELY BROKE. I ask my exhusband to please call them and try to work something out, because I feel that it is unfair that they are not going to help me after his much time and money I have spent with them. So he does, and Sun Devil Auto claims that they will have it towed to a transmission shop that they work with and they will cover half of the repair costs. Despite the fact that I believe it to be morally wrong on their behalf, we agree. They give us a phone 'guesstimate'as that the costs shouldn't be over five hundred dollars.

After another five days and a total cost of $1,200.00, the transmission is replaced. On the detailed breakdown of my bill, it claims that Sun Devil Auto actually covered only $300 dollars of the transmission work, not even close to half of the total cost like we had agreed on.

After replacing the engine and transmission, along with the misc. other repairs- I paid Sun Devil Auto $6,586.09..... the original estimate was $2,000 to $3,000 max. WOW. OUCH.

.......and the worst part is that the car is still leaking a significant amount of oil.

paid Sun Devil Auto $

ed to pay for a tow truck back to their establishment to look at the car.

Sun Devil Auto #18 replied:

Ashlea, we certainly understand the aggravation of having car troubles. In about a year?s time our company sees about 175,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs. We only see 3-4 vehicles a year that come in under the same dire circumstances as yours. Engine overheating is a serious issue and can result in major and costly repairs that often lead to engine replacement. The parts within the immediate area of your engine were so badly heated, they were melted. Upon inspection of your engine we recommended an engine replacement, however you decided that we should attempt to repair it first. When we were able to see the inside of the vehicle, it was determined that a replacement was indeed necessary. Unfortunately, we cannot apply the cost of the work we did in an attempt to repair the engine, per your instructions, to the replacement of the engine, they are two separate jobs. While we fully support customers getting second opinions when it comes to repair recommendations, we presume that the mechanics that you consulted were unaware of how badly your vehicle was damaged due to the overheating. Further, the transmission issue your vehicle experienced is completely unrelated to the engine troubles. Your transmission was displaying an internal error with which the first and fifth gears were attempting to move together simultaneously into the same area. We hope this clears up any confusion in regard to your vehicles' condition and urge you to contact the Store Manager of the service center, should you have any additional questions.

5 stars Verified customer

Service and Repairs were Great as Usual!

5 stars Verified customer

As is always the case, I received excellent service and excellent customer service from everyone at Sun Devil Auto on west Bell Road.

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