Animal Medical Center of Troy

4 stars Customer since 2017

Visited with Dr. Jennifer Juers-Green for a clinical examination prior to visiting the USDA for export of my dog to Japan. The doctor was extremely thorough and super friendly with my pup.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Dr. Tallis is always very knowledgeable and listens to my concerns. She always has a plan for what can be down in the near future.

5 stars Customer since 1997

Dr. Saxon is wonderful, helping us work through complicated pet issues. We really appreciate her expertise and that she is very caring in how she treats us and our cat.

5 stars Customer since 1989

Everyone is very friendly and the docs explain and spend as much time as needed. Never feel rushed. Rarely ever have to wait once arrive for our appointment!!!

5 stars Verified customer

All employees always go the extra mile to help

5 stars Customer since 1996

Excellent veterinarian.....Haven been going there over twenty years. 10 pets later I am still a loyal devoted pet owner. Always there to see my dogs when needed. Compassionate and so caring. Never feel rushed when I am there. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

3 stars Verified customer

i think overall the care is quite good. I also think they charge an exorbitant amount of money. I took my elderly dog in for a simple limp in his back the end of the visit they had done two complete blood panels, sent one to MSU for an additional 200.00 dollars for something completely unrelated to the limp. no diagnosis for the limp except perhaps arthritis and $600.00 later I did not know what hit me when I went to check out. I was too embarrassed to say I cannot pay this or afford this but then you feel guilty that you are not caring and doing what is best for your pet. I think it would be the right thing to do to tell the owner this is the cost do you want this blood work done and also the extra blood work to send to MSU....EVerything was completely normal on the blood tests which of course i am grateful for but I did not take my dog in originally for anything to do with bloodworm. It was simply a limp in an elderly dog. The prices are horrifically high and i have since found a new vet who is much more conservative with doing unnecessary tests and if tests are needed the cost is explained up front, not when you check out and are hit with 600 dollars.....Again they give good care, I feel they are a good group.......but the costs are something that is extremely high.

5 stars Customer since 2008

my dog was suffering so much but with the quick ACTION OF YOUR staff duke was comfortable and not in pain.

5 stars Customer since 2009

It's always a welcome place, I trust every one with our little Mille . The staff and docs treat our dog like she was there's ... they really do care you can just tell ... your not rushed out they ask all the right questions to be sure your pet is healthy

5 stars Customer since 1994

The staff at Animal Medical Center has always provided excellent service and care for our beloved pets past and present and we do appreciate it. Thanks.