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This is the dentist for you if you like being herded like cattle, enjoy spending 3 hours to get a simple cleaning done, and like being billed and paying 3 times what the insurance said you should have paid. I've been trying for a month to get the $200 they overbilled me back to no avail. I keep getting told that someone will get back to me, but they never do. Avoid these clowns!!!

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We are e retired military family. We went to this dentist 2007 and did not like them because my children had never had cavities and now they said both teenagers did.Both went to other dentist later and they did NOT have any cavities.

Now 6 years later we recieved a letter from a creditor asking us to pay $201.00

I called the Dentist office and asked what is this bill? I have not recieved a statement? I can't talk to you was there answer-call the creditor if you have questions. I did call the creditor and she screamed and was the rudest person saying people like you don't pay your bills etc and you were seen on this date.. I called Tricare they had no claim for that day.I asked for a statement, but neither place wants to give us one? Do you smell a rat?

I looked up more reviews and this has happened before.We have alot of new military members moving here and they are trying to scam them. I hope you try a different place that treats you right. God bless

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had a crown put on 6 months ago and never felt right. went back in for pain and they refered me to a specialist, came back as needing a crown adjustment. still in pain when i arrived. crown was filed down and metal was exposed, looked botched. Dr. walked out of examine room and never spoke to me again. I told nurse that it did not feel right and it felt rough. I con't. in pain throughout the day and the next. I went to another dentist for a second opinion. I had a new crown installed that day and am now pain free.

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I scheduled a consultation for wisdom tooth extraction and was told I would be seeing the oral surgeon that day. I had panoramic x-rays done and saw a regular dentist. They would not schedule the appointment until they had half of the $681 up front without definitively knowing how much my insurance would cover. After I called to ask about the chances of nerve loss by the oral surgeon I had NEVER seen and was told 80% chance they told me I now had to pay the ENTIRE $681 up front PRIOR to the procedure. I received notification that my dental cost from the insurance was going to be $232, not $681. I went to another oral surgeon, paid $245 with insurance, and have NO nerve loss. Horrible dentist, do not go here!

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Do not recommend. Arrived on time for my apt. but was told they were too busy to do my cleaning; they only 'had time' for my X-rays and paperwork. Waiting room was cramped, loud and uninviting. Staff was not amiable and when I tried to schedule a follow-up no one returned my call or e-request.

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Looking for a new dentist after my jawbone is exposed after extraction. Paid for wisdom teeth removal & guard for daughter AFTER 24 months with braces. No appt made for surgery, no guard, but CASHED my pre-payment check for almost $1000 two weeks ago. They cut retainer down due to tooth grinding. Nickel in braces weakened teeth & swelled gums (they burned them down). Her cavity was missed even w/monthly appts. Daughter still in pain and I'm furious.

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you people do cheesy work that doesn't even last until the bill is paid off. NEVER RECCOMEND YOU PEOPLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Went to them with severe pain in my lower jaw a bad molar. They took xrays and found the bad tooth. I asked for antibotics as I have had in the past for possible infection and as a preventitive step. Left with an appointment to have the tooth removed. Why did they not remove it then? No explaintion. Secheduled two weeks later. Day before the appointment at 450 in the afternoon get a call saying they cannot pull the tooth until they get clearance from my MD. Once they got the clearance they would call and rescheduled. 2weeks of pain and suffering to be told this really. they should have removed the tooth on the day I arrived. It is not brain surgery! I had a tooth removed by a real dentist 5 days after having a triple bypass. These people are afraid of me having high blood pressure which they knew about. I am still uncomfortable because they chose to do nothing so much for having the persons comfort in mind. They should have to experience what I did. They care about the all mighty dollar and nothing else. Shame on you.

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I have experienced dental care for the past 60 years... NONE have been as professional and so very caring as Comfort Dental! A tremendous experience provided by several staff members (Michelle, you are a wonder!) lead by Dr. F.

Thank you so much.

Shari Farrell

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Even though my teeth are not the usual ones one would think of getting rid of in favor of dentures, I am ready to pull them all. I grind my teeth up to 24 hours/day, bleed when I brush, and have painful jaw and teeth constantly. After thoroughly discussing this situation with the dentist and my husband, I have decided to give it 6 months of daily care to eliminate the gingivitis and see if the pain has lessened. I am so thrilled with how I was treated and talked with not lectured or talked down to or commanded to "Stop grinding" that I can not express my joy! The dentist listened to me, discussed my options, explained the cons of dentures, and offered me an option. To wait 6 months before pulling any teeth. So after all this thinking I have done about my teeth for long hours and months, I have decided to wait for 6 months and revisit the situation. Dr Wehner is GREAT!!! He treats people like they should be treated!! As he would like to be treated. With kindness, thoughtfulness, caring, honestly and with integrity!