Lovett Dental - Corpus Christi

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Yesterday I had to have my wisdom tooth pulled, all of the staff were very polite, I was SUPER nervous about getting this done but everyone including the Dr. made me feel better. They did sedate me for this exam so it seemed like I was in and out in 10 mins however it was probably about an hour. I feel great after this exam.

5 stars Verified customer

A wonderful short pain and numb experience. I had fun.

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Rachel the hygienist does a great job. She is gentle but thorough. Dr. Lykos always provides friendly and professional care. Feel she really cares about me both as a patient and a person.

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Dr.Lykos did a wonderful job transforming my smile! Love this office!

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Awesome service.

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Lovett is great for those who just need regular cleanings. I had one filling done six months ago and I am still dealing with complications from it with no help, advice, or sympathy from the staff. It feels as though my dentist is treating symptoms, not the cause of each problem.

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The dentist ignored the fact that I said I have 2 lumps in my mouth that I am very concerned about and only made an effort to very briefly feel one of them. He offered me no clue as to what it could possibly be. I went for help and didn't get it - although I did get referred to their oral surgeon who hopefully will take me seriously.

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Going to the Dentist is aways scary for me!

I did my paperwork online and it was easy and convenient. After it was all said and done, they had all the answers. I will be going back.

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My insurance said office visit & x-rays were free & I got charged. I got charged. The dentist was giving me a shot & I told him it hurt & wasn't numb & he continued. I was in pain. He finally stopped. I was wet from the water they use. I was wearing a neck brace due to surgery & I ended up with water in my ears, nose, back, my neck brace was soaking wet, my temporary tooth was made so ugly. I didn't have much of a choice but to go there. I had been there a long time ago, then I switched to some one else. I spent 3.5 hrs there. Since they are pretty much my only choice, I have to return. I hope my permanent tooth looks better than my temporary tooth.