Lovett Dental - Webster

5 stars Customer since 2016

Great experience each time and awesome staff!

5 stars Customer since 2017

courtesy staff and procedures explain well

5 stars Customer since 2017

friendly staff and Dentist explain well the procedures

5 stars Customer since 2013

Fast, Professional, Nice

3 stars Verified customer

Love the staff. Don't love the wait.

2 stars Customer since 2015

A noticeable decline from last several visits.

1. They wanted to take a picture when I checked in. I thought it would be used in my files. Instead it was photo shopped to use as part of an attempt to upsell completely unnecessary cosmetic services.

2. The actual doctor spent less than 5 minutes on my "checkup".

3. Hygienist spent far less time on the cleaning than previous visits. No hydo sonic cleaning. Just a scraping with the pointy sharp tools and a polishing. Had to ask for feedback on pocket depth.

4. New office manager rubbed me the wrong way. Seemed to be there only to drive sales and decrease average visit time.

5. Turn off the freeking tv in the lobby.

6. Get some decent chairs for the lobby.

1 stars Customer since 2017

Worst experience ever. Make an appointment to have a consultation for a dental implant. When I arrive the so called office manager Kris started trying to sell me luminaries. They starting taking ex rays and then said they were going to do a cleaning. I told them I had just had a cleaning, but they said they had to do one as that was their procedure since I was a first time customer. I kept asking when I was going to see the Surgeon for the consultation and they informed me they didn't have a surgeon. They hadn't had one in months. He ran my credit without my permission to try and get me approved for luminaries. I told him I was not interested. I told him I was not going to pay for the cleaning and he went Kris said he would zero out the balance and gave me a statement of services showing a zero balanced owed. He then committed fraud and sent a claim to the insurance. When I called him about it he said it was accidentally send to the insurance company and that he would call and have the claim cancelled and if they had already sent out the check he would void it. That never happened. He received the check cashed it and has no intention of refunding the insurance company. Lovett Dental is there just to rip you off and do procedures that are not needed. Please check their reviews at Yelp and Goggle. They are terrible. The place is very dirty and they used instruments afters they dropped them on the floor. After using a cancer wand in my mouth the tech didn't even clean it, she put it right back in the plastic cover. I am going to file a small claims case and report them to the Board of Dentistry, Board of Insurance and write all the bad reviews I can. Also I am going to report them to the Health Department. I person could get HIV. Be aware.

5 stars Verified customer

Once again staff did not fail in making me feel comfortable with my phobia.

5 stars Customer since 2017

I Lovett Lovett Lovett, Lovett dental!

5 stars Customer since 2017

I am please with the service.