90.9% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars Verified customer

Tried to contact headquarters, and kept getting sent back to district manager. Finally customer care VP got involved and kicked me out of AAA. Thank goodness. But she should be called director of employee care because she never once spoke with me about the problem which was her district manager. Go Figure. At least I got my money back.

4 stars Verified customer

Always a good experience at AAA

5 stars

AAA is wonderful!! Always very professional with the services performed and the way they explain the services needed for your vehicle. Highly recommend Charleston AAA Car Care Center

3 stars Verified customer

The work was done right,although I feel that when a tech. starts working on your car, he needs to stick with that car and finish it if possible, unless he is waiting on parts.Don't start a task and then go to another car and start something on that one and then go back to the first one. Also, the techs need to use plastic seat and steering wheel covers. The techs will take time to show you something on your car or answer questions if you ask.I think that AAA should be more clear in their advertised coupon specials. I went in for an oil change with a $17.95 coupon, and I ended up paying $45.00.

4 stars Verified customer

The service was fine. There was quite a lot of pressure to "upsell" me.

2 stars Verified customer

I didn't have trouble with the work done, but when I brought my 2010 Camry in, I was told that you didn't have the right synthetic for a factory change, but there was another substitute I could use. I said fine.

I got home with the intention of researching and was told that the next change needed to be the OW-20 synthetic, and I wasn't told that by AAA so I was confused due to incomplete info.

I still don't know what and when my next oil change should be.

5 stars Verified customer

I love AAA... Especially in Charleston. They are always nice and greet you as soon as you walk through the door.

2 stars Verified customer

AAA Plus Member: Very disapointed. Why should an oil change and fuel filter cost $193.00 and take 2 1/2 hours. In June I had a complete tune up with fuel exhaust clean, oil change, and new serpintine belt, charge was over $300.00. This service took 6 hours. Both of these appointments where made in advance and I was informed of these charges before service was done, but as a novice I am not aware of what these charges should be. I have informed several people of this and they all think I have been overcharged Please explain the high cost and lengthy time to me.

4 stars Verified customer

Excellent job by Vaughn, the technician. He's quiet but professional, and contributes very well to AAA's trustworthy image.

5 stars Verified customer

Nice counter people, friendly service, modern and comfortable facility.

Fastest oil change I ever had.