4526 Forest Drive
columbia, SC 29206

(803) 798-5656

Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Sat - Sun: Closed

What others had to say

1 stars

I brought my car in to AAA car care at 4526 Forst Drive because I had been having issues on and off with the relay, which, when it malfunctioned, made it so that the car could not get fuel. When they told me they would have to do a diagnostic, I told them to make sure to look into the functioning of the relay. They called me the next day to let me know my car would need a new fuel pump. I suggested that the real issue was the relay, but they dismissed my suggestion. I agreed to the work on the new fuel pump (~$700), trusting what they told me. When I came in to pick up the car, it would not start: the same issue with the relay not allowing fuel to get to the engine remained! They then replaced the relay (a $79 part that took 10 minutes to replace!), and the car worked fine. When I asked for my money back on the unnecessary fuel pump work, they would not even consider it, and told me a number of unfortunate fibs about why I should still be held accountable for the $700 for work that was most likely unnecessary. These folks are not trustworthy. Stay away if you have another option.