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2 stars Verified customer

Don't know if I'll go back or not. Went there for an oil change which they have done before. Asked for an evaluation of brakes, trans, and shocks.

- They said the brake fluid was contaminated with water.

- They said the trans fluid was brown most likely needing attention.

- They said the tires were cupped due to poor shocks and struts and the brakes.

When I asked which was the most important to have fixed right away - I was told the shocks and struts (estimate was $1300). I decided to have the brake fluid flushed. He did just that and the spray went all over the inside of the hood, the windshield wipers and the front windshield.

I went to another service company and had the trans fluid and filter changed. They said the fluid was find and the filter didn't need to be changed -although they changed it anyway. The shocks and struts were fine and the tires were not cupped.

All in all I may go back to them for oil changes but when it come to safety related repairs I'll have to think that through a bit more.

My expectations of what they would find and recommend for repair weren't met.

5 stars Verified customer

Al and Tim were always available to discuss the progress of my JEEP which was under going lots of work while I was in Colorado. The transmission was rebuilt and the JEEP is running brand new! I would most definitely take my JEEP back to this Aamco in a heartbeat. The communication, customer care, knowledge, pricing, ability to detect problems and repair them in a timely manner were impeccable. Thank you Guys! Tabatha Whitney

5 stars Verified customer

AAMCO has been very helpful with my recent car problems. They are upfront in telling me what is wrong and the best and most cost effective ways to fix it. As a repeated customer, AAMCO is the only place I will trust to give me accurate information regarding my vehicle.

5 stars Verified customer

Great professional crew, working hard to achieve greatness in customer care. A double schedule mix-up was taken care of with no problem and minimum wait time.

5 stars Verified customer

It's rare to find a good neighborhood auto repair shop. I've been going to the AAMCO Total Auto Care shop for over eight years...reasonable pricing and outstanding service.

5 stars Verified customer

Tired of going to shops that try to charge me for unnecessary work, I did not have that problem here and would recommend giving AAMCO a try.

5 stars Verified customer

Great service, fast quick and polite. Pointed out what needed to be fixed, and other things to consider to be fixed. Did not pressure or attempt to oversell.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service. Got trans rebuilt new ujoints and repaired a leaking brake line.

5 stars Verified customer

The guys did a great job on my 2003 F150 transmission rebuild and pointed out some other things that needed attention like bad u joints and a leaking brake line. Glad they found it before it failed completely.

3 stars Verified customer

Had an oil change and when I got into my car it smelled like cigarette smoke for 2 days. I have had both cars oil changed here for 2-3 years and I will now have to rethink my decision. We don't smoke and that is the most disgusting smell ever. I should have called in and complained, but I had to go into work.