80.0% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Verified customer

Professional, shop manager took good care of me and my care. Will return.

5 stars Verified customer

The store manager and owner were both very amazing to work with. They treated us very well and gave us the best deal EVER! We would recommend this store to anyone who needs work done. Our car runs great and we will definitely go back to them!

5 stars Verified customer

Mike did a great job in explaining what was being done to our car and was willing help us if we need financing if need. Mike kept us in the loop and let us know right away when they found more problems with the Transmission and the add cost, and why it should be replaced. Big Thank You Mike and his staff. Our Tucson is back to running Great.

3 stars Verified customer

I thought cost of repair was a little pricey. Labor cost seemed too much for the short 1-2 hours they had yhe vehicle.

5 stars Verified customer

Best service I've had in years! They delivered what they promised and didn't over charge me for labor hours that weren't worked.

2 stars Verified customer

Service was quick and service manager was polite. The tech diagnosed my car as needing a $1300 in repair when actually it needed a $30 vent on the top of the transmission that is a common problem with the Taurus transmission. I am not very happy that AAMCO tried to swindle that much money from me when it was an easy fix that I did myself with a little research.

4 stars Verified customer

Courteous service but "industry standard" or not, $105 an hour for labor is ridiculous. If the reply is going to be that it pays for the rent and the lights then you need a better location that's easier to get into and out of.

5 stars Verified customer

Nobody likes a bill for repair work but if the repairs were done quickly and correctly it takes the sting out a bit. Thank you Corey for making sure my car was ready to go before 4 making sure my mothers doctors appointment could be kept. Like you predicted ....the car is so quiet I have to remind myself I turned the engine on. Best regards, LInda Gerle

4 stars Verified customer

Always accomidating. I was dissapointed my problem was due to a cheap part that was used when yourebuit the transmission and I only 6 months out of warranty. Problem is a noise caused by a bad clutch beariing. cant afford to replace so i will live with the noise.

1 stars Verified customer

You got a 1 only because it wouldn't allow me to do none!!I have never had such horrible service in my life, In the beginning all was well until I got my vehicle there. They had it for almost 2weeks calling saying its almost done maybe tomorrow several times. When I finally called and said enough is enough I need my car done today!!!! they called me back 2 hours later and said ok your car is done. I drove down the street which is where I work. I finished out my shift at work and left to go home. I didn't even make it home before I was stuck in the middle of the road had to be pushed down a side street. I called first thing in the morning and they sent a tow truck to pick it up after it sat on the side of the road all night, had my car another 2 days and it still is not driving properly not sure exactly what to do because I refuse to take it back to the same shop!!!! Obviously, they have NO idea what they are doing. I know that when my car down shifts that it should NOT feel like the transmission is going to fall out of the bottom of the car nor give me whiplash because it downshifts so hard, It also jerks really hard when it up shifts as well although not as much as the downshift. This was the worst $4000.00 I have ever spent!!!! I would never recommend them to an enemy, let alone a friend or family member.



Cooley Family Dentistry

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I was disappointed that no special measures were taken due to COVID, Measures such as: Ensuring prior to patients ensuring the office they do not have symptoms of COVID or have been in close contact with anyone with COVID. Or tested positive for COVID. Checking patients temperatures prior to or upon entering the office. Technicians and providers wearing face shields as well as their face masks. Technicians and providers wearing disposable aprons for each patient. I have been on several other medical office visits and have experienced these kind of measures so I was surprised that a dentist office did take extra precautions. It made me very uncomfortable.
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