97.3% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Had a repair which turned out to be rather complicated. Aarrow kept me updated on the timeline and course of action for the repairs in a courteous and professional manner and even checked up on me a few days later to make sure the vehicle repair was properly working,

5 stars Verified customer

Very courteous and very efficient.

5 stars Verified customer

I brought my vehicle into Aarrow last week. I was greeted very fast, was called and explained by Todd the manager what needed to be done. I approved the work, bill was cheaper than I was told, was offered a ride back and car was fixed a lot less than the other shop I was at. Todd and crew at Aarrow Transmissions And Automotive are above top notch.

1 stars Verified customer

Great service

They did state inspection and checked Dustin’s

Replaced filter

All within an hour

5 stars Verified customer

I had a very small problem.

As always it was fixed quickly.

Both Palmer and David were friendly and a pleasure to work with. Thanks

5 stars Verified customer

There was a thumping sound so I went to the dealer. We got in that habit when the car was under warranty, and the dealer is close by, and the oil changes are free for the life of the car. Besides, they're nice people and wouldn't you expect that people directly connected to the manufacturer/brand would be the most capable/knowledgeable? I guess I've been lucky - although things go wrong with my cars, they're usually minor. I thought my luck had run out when the service department at the dealer said our seven year old car (123K miles) had a problem with the final drive and would require a totally replaced transmission. Quoted price = $5600. Yikes. Paying for that was going to take some planning, so I took the car home and put it in the driveway until we could come up with a plan. I've never had transmission problems, so I had no idea what it should cost, but maybe I could find a less expensive place at least. I am SO glad I asked around! I got a few recommendations but the most resounding endorsement was for the Aarrow Transmission shop on Research Road. I took the car to them just hoping that they could fix the transmission for less than the dealer quote. Here's what happened. First, the guys are so genuinely nice that I felt like I could ask questions and they wouldn't think I was dumb. Second, even if they did think I was dumb, they were so patient and professional with me that they didn't give it away - they actually made me feel like my questions and comments were intelligent. So let's get to the good part. They said my transmission could be fixed for $3500, worst case. Sweet! But wait - it gets better! Then they told me that they didn't think it was the transmission anyway - they wanted to run some more tests. I'll shorten this lengthy review by saying they did find and correct the major problem (brakes and rotors), truthfully confessed that there was another sound that still had them scratching their heads but there's no way to fix what you can't diagnose, and indicated that there was nothing wrong with the transmission at all. I have had the car back for two days now and it is running beautifully.The other rattle is still there - as it has been for seven years (loose sunroof - dealer says $720 to fix). I will continue to live through that annoyance and consider that a reminder to trust my instincts. Obviously I hope my car problems are few and far between, but I'm thrilled that I found a good shop with good people. Bottom line? My car was repaired for about a sixth of what I was originally told it was going to cost AND my faith in the existence of good and honest people - who are also smart enough and dedicated enough to their craft to get it right - got a HUGE boost.

final drive - need a totally new transmission

5 stars Verified customer

I'm thankful that I found AARROW Transmission. I have a 2003 BMW 325i that's having transmission problem Took it to a couple Import Auto repair shop and they recommended to have it replace. Driving the car myself tells me the car doesn't need a new transmission as it drives so smooth when the transFault indicator wasn't on. Took it to AARROW and they diagnosed it and found the gear sensor needs to be replace. The car has 205K miles on it and they also replaced the Transmission Valve Body. The car runs as smooth as new. The tech Palmer is very helpful and gathered lots of information and resources on what is causing the TransFault. I highly recommend this shop if you happen to have any transmission problem in the near future. They will save you $$$ and less headache!

5 stars Verified customer

Customer service at Aarrow is second to none and the expertise and performance of their tecnicians is quintessential. I highly recommend AARROW for ALL your automotive needs!

5 stars Verified customer

Stellar service. Accountable work. Fair Price.

3 stars Verified customer

Disappointed with the ending of the savings card. Caught me by surprise with a bigger bill than I wanted... We will be back but will pay attention to the coupons now