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Ive been doing busness with you guys since 1968. you have given me A 1 service the whole time !!!! NOTHING BUT THE BEST. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!

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Excellent service, timely and friendly.

5 stars Verified customer

Fast and excellent customer service.

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No nonsense approach. I love it

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Professional service.

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Overall I was attracted to your business by word of mouth recommendations from customers I either dropped off or picked up from the Long Beach location as I drive Lyft. Frankie who I spoke with on the phone was pleasant and informative and accommodating to my requests and so I brought my truck in for service. Once I was at the facility I was transferred to another sales representative who handled the repairs management on my truck from that point forward.

So, I understand that you are a busy shop with a good reputation as I also checked your business out on the internet before making my final decision to come in, but the person I was transferred to really put me off from being a repeat customer. His manor was a bit stern which I could live with with, but the way in which he interacted as if the customer has no clue about auto repair was a real turn off.

I am a do it yourself person on repairs I can handle, but anything out of my expertise I go to a good reputable shop like yours for a no worries fix. Unfortunately, I expect truth for the price that I pay. So on the first item I had repaired I asked that they replace an Oxygen sensor that I had diagnosed with a professional scan tool myself. I didn't need a complete evaluation of the emissions control system, just a replacement which they ended up doing, but not after they pushed for an upsell to analyze the system I had already done. Replacement was done and truck is running just fine without the extra $200 they were saying was needed to do the job right.

On the second item of work I had my air-conditioning system checked $140 to check it out + Freon required. Upon completion of the job and at the end, I enquired about about a brake fluid flush while I waited for the air-conditioning report. I was quoted 149.99 for a system flush and new brake fluid. When I reminded him that my truck had ABS he responded that ABS systems never get drained and flushed, which I found odd as my manual gives specific procedure's for brake fluid flush with ABS and that's why I asked assuming there may be a slightly higher charge for running the ABS system test at the end. To be told it wasn't done was frankly a lie.

I did not say anything at the time thinking I would send it to another shop as 149.99 was plenty to have a brake fluid flush without ABS or with ABS as the ABS test on the scan tool is not that time consuming. we continued to chat about brake issues that could cause loss of fluid in a closed system. Then we discussed the discoveries of the air conditioning system report.

System was in fair shape with only .3 of a pound of Freon required, with some minor recommendations presented. I asked if the repairs were needed and he responded by telling me that he couldn't advise me whether the repair was needed only that it was recommended and we moved to the estimate for repair of the items listed. the Service representative explained the the Shrader valves (Freon fill and evacuation valves) were corroded and recommended replacement along with the in line orifice filter and that the fan clutch was also worn and not working properly affecting air-condition performance.

I said I would replace the fan clutch and only needed a quotation for the two valves and orifice filter. As we went over the items, labor cost and time frame for the repair he informed me that the orifice filter was actually a complete line and could not be replaced independently, that it was only available as unit and quoted $150 for the unit, which again I found odd as all three parts were in the $10 to $20 range on previous jobs I had done in the past. No worries I would look up the cost and confer with the fleet mechanics at work.

I paid and was satisfied with the work that was performed, Oxygen sensor replacement fixed my problem and air conditioner was blowing colder so I was a happy camper. I did leave chuckling with the ridiculous quote of $500 in my mind for the replacement of the two Shrader valves and filter orifice unit, which I would investigate and talk to my fleet mechanic friends before forming an opinion. Well after searching for the so called orifice filter hose assembly and discussing it with other mechanics there is no such animal. The orifice filter is sold alone as a $13.00 item and the line is disconnected in order to replace the orifice filter. So what I saw told and what I was quoted for was another miss truth.

This type of activity on the part of your service representative may be acceptable to other naïve customers, but doesn't set well with me. I took time to write an honest opinion to let you know that I won't be returning to your shop as in the same manner that you don't want customers wasting your time. I don't like having my time wasted by a less than honest service representative.

Frank Sanchez

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Wow! Already recommended ACA to a friend.

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A.A.A customer service is outstanding.. What makes it outstanding? They kept me informed and the cost is reasonable plus they know they stuff, very knowledgeable.

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ACA is always amazing! this is my third time coming to them, 2nd time for a smog test and it’s always quick. They’re really professional but they’re SO FRIENDLY! Every time i’ve walked in, i’ve had 3 employees greet me at once. Never had any issues whatsoever. Pricing is extremely fair (especially if you check their website for provided coupons!) I highly recommend them!

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Wow, I'm very impressed with how excellent ACA had repaired my car. They even took the time to open the hood to show and explain each part that was repaired. My Mazda Sportie RX-8 2006 is now running as new as when I first brought it. Thank you Victor P., Mike L., and to all auto mechanics who worked on my Sportie car. You all are the BEST!

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99% would refer friends and family to us


Richard S Chung, DDS

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I am typically very, very nervous about dental work and therefore I am always grateful at how at ease Dr. Chung and his staff make me feel when I am there. His manner is reassuring and I have every confidence in his dentistry skill. I have been going to him for over 10 years and I would highly recommend him.
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