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Very responsive and excellent professional service.

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Although the administration aspect was a bit jumbled, with being dropped off the schedule and changed without notice, once the technicians arrived, they were professional, knowledgeable, kept me from paying for services I did not need, and overall were the reason I stay with AC Pros. Thanks for all your great work. Keep improving your administrative handling.

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excellant customer service in office and from serviceman

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week end tech n ever answered and off did not answer on Monday morning.

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Had to re-schedule 3 times because they didn't show on agreed upon time. I only asked mornings. First time no one called, I had to call them. Each time was promised early appointment. Finally showed at noon. My time is important too. Bad communication from office. Your techs are great.

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Not very accommodating on repair work Original tech was great, but took a week to get work done. Do not communicate with customers. Promise a call back and do not call. Call with wrong information. Do not call when going to be late.

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Professional, competent, and no pressure.

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Always professional and courteous.

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I wish Mike Walker was still my Maintenance Service Contract guy but I understand he had to retire do to an car accident that effected his health.

This young man that performed my last AC Maintenance checkup on 6/28/17 had been here back on 11/7/16 accompanied by an older and more experienced gentleman.This young man I was told was in training.

The only concern I had and discussed with Richard Spano was the young service guy on the AC discovered that the wire that controls the small compressor was eaten through by a Rat that got trapped or injured in the outdoor AC unit and it appeared he tried to get out the top of the unit where the vents are and was lying there dead and very decayed / mummified basically. So the wire was repaired to the smaller compressor so that it was working again.

My wife and I immediately noticed that once the smaller compressor was working again that the house was not cooling down as fast as it had before running totally on the larger compressor. I called and spoke with Richard Spano regarding this.

I told Richard I knew that the young man had not been doing this long since he was in training when he was here back on 11/7/16 and I would appreciate if they would send out another more experienced guy to recheck the AC System again. He said I would charged a Service Charge $70+ and they would have to schedule a Serviceman.

I told him I'm not paying that., that's not what I asked for, I asked they send out a more experienced man to perform the Maintenance Checkup again and make sure everything checks out. Richard said he would review account history and would get back with me. It's been almost 3 weeks and I haven't heard back from him.

So I tried calling him today but the receptionist said he was tied up and she would let him know I called and got my number for him to call me back.

I feel under the circumstances that my request is not unreasonable especially since I've maintained my Maintenance Contract every year since I bought my Trane System from AC Pros Richard Smiley back on 6/1/2010.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Tech was knowledgeable and efficient. Friendly and good demeanor.