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We are members of your 24 Hour plan & Even after having our accounts file placed in line at 3:26 PM, the doctor never walked in to speak to my husband until nearly 10 PM that night. Unacceptable.

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I have just recently become partners with acredale vet clinic for my best friends care. They are wonderful. We were with pet smarts vet beforehand and the difference is amazing.

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My buddy cut his cornea and needed to see the doc last weekend. He had a triple whammy going on, with an ear and skin infection at the same time. Appointments were booked up for his normal doc. So Ashley told me not to wait and come up asap as a walk in, because it's the eye it can become infected quickly. Once we got there they took all the info, I put my oogie boogie(a.k.a-Horton) back in the truck so he could relax in the ac and lay down. I was told it would be about a 2.5hr wait. Well, not even close...they came right out and got my big boogie monster about 30 min later. We saw a new doctor( hes the new e.r doc only there on weekends I believe) moving forward, this guy is the cheese y'all!! He was so awesome with my buddy, completely gentle and friendly. Not to mention super freaking smart and thorough. He took my boy back, drew some blood, made him an optic serum, looked at his skin ouchies; came up with a healing plan and medication regimen to get him all better. For the record, I never ever write reviews okay. I'm a skeptic, I'm also just lazy when it comes to giving feedback. I also know this is long winded so I'll apologize now. However, this place deserves awesome feedback and 10 star reviews. I'm on my 3rd year taking both my pups here. We always see Dr. Girshon( awesome doc, hey doctor G. We wuv you , Maya said she'll try to lose weight...Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) but anyways. In 3 years I've not had one bad experience, I've not had one bad tech, not one bad doctor, or receptionist, or groomer/bather , I've never had to pay 5000 bux to request a med refill, even at 130am. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this place. They're open around the clock, they build a relationship with your pet, they remember who you are. My pups love going to the vet!! They also have awesome groomers and bathers that actually clean your dog and take the time to make them feel special. Anyways, I just wanted all the staff and doctors at Acredale to know that.. you are all awesome and we appreciate the heck out of you all. Horton is an interesting looking pup and he loves the attention he gets from you guys. Makes him feel special!! Having said all that...and again sorry for the thesis. But I thought the world should know that you guys are the best. New doctor ( I'm so sorry I can't remember your name) but you rock, thank you so much for taking care of my boy last week, hes finally starting to open his eye again!!! So yeah, I would send anyone to see these guys at Acredale, they're simply the best. Thanks guys. Rant over!!

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I value the care my dogs get at Acredale, as a client for over 15 years. I appreciate the longer hours that allow me to schedule appointments at my convenience.

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Acredale has been my vets for 25 years plus. My vet, Dr. Kenny, has done an amazing job with Apollo who has IMHA. I am a volunteer for a rescue. Dr. Kenny is always there for me. I appreciate his medical knowledge and kindness. If he is doing a medical procedure, like a dental cleaning, I am always kept informed. I would never take my furbabies anywhere else.

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This instance I brought in my American Eskimo mix for her summer haircut. The groomers are great as always, and my baby is enjoying being able to play outside longer.

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we love acerdale, always have

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Staff is wonderful. Vet went out of his way to contact me, make sure all of my questions were answered. Very, very reassuring. Very clear on discharge instructions. It was nice hearing from vet personally to let me know that my dog had awoken from anesthesia and was doing okay.

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So glad I decided to go with you guys rather than the cheaper routes. My experience was totally different at Acredale and I am glad I brought my puppy to you guys! Everyone at Acredale is so caring and the after care explanation was so much better and they took the time to really explain the recovery process with me. Updates were given after the surgery and I knew she was in good hands!