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1 stars Customer since 2020

I brought my elderly cat in, he was losing weight for no clear reason. I was hesitant to bring him in as he gets terrible anxiety about the car and I can't go in with him due to COVID. I brought him in and spoke to Dr. Courtney, she made several serious and scary probable diagnosis (kidney failure, thyroid problems, possible cancerous tumor, anorexia....) and it felt implied she thought I should put him down. Having heard this devastating news in my car over the phone I just said I wanted to take him home and agreed for them to run some bloodwork. I took him home, where he declined rapidly from that day before he went in, and waited for the labs that would be back on Thursday (it was Tuesday) before I made any decisions. I was a mess for two days waiting and praying, Thursday comes and I called to make sure she was going to call and the results were in, I had an appointment that afternoon and didn't want to miss the call. I was told she would call after her office hours and yes they were in. She never called. I called her Friday morning and all of her predictions were wrong (kidney and thyroid fine, it was something with his liver) and she gave him a supplement which completely made all the difference, although she didn't say much else about the supposed tumor. He gained his weight back, he is walking better, eating better, he is like himself again. She didn't even tell me to make a follow up appointment in a few weeks to check all his levels that were previously so low. Nothing. I felt like she didn't care about my baby at all and will never bring him or any of my other pets to this office again. I will pursue a new doctor for a second opinion on all of that, especially the supposed tumor.

5 stars Customer since 2011

They have always given my pets great care for the last 15 years. The staff and doctors take the time to explain what is going with your pet, they are friendly and courteous to all..

5 stars Customer since 2019


5 stars Customer since 2003

I have been going to Acredale since the 80s. My Veterinarian is Dr. Kenny DeLorenzo. I have 5 Italian greyhounds. Apollo developed IMHA when he was 2. Apollo is now 10 and has required a lot of medical attention over the years. Dr. Kenny has always been there for him. I trust Dr. Kenny totally. He is very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. He cares about his clients. He always returns my calls and works me into his schedule when needed. (I believe at this time Dr. Kenny isn't always on the schedule to see clients. He is busy with other business functions at Acredale) I love the fact that Acredale is now open 24 hours.

Acredale has grown a lot over the years and you generally have to wait. Now with the pandemic times are longer. I believe this is to be expected. I don't mind the wait with the care my pets receive.

5 stars Customer since 2003

The vet's and staff are so kind and caring when working with my fur babies. My dog has PTSD, noise aversion and anxiety and can't be crated. The staff go over and above to make sure he is comfortable and comforted. I love and appreciate them so much.

5 stars Customer since 2003

Visited Acredale Animal Hospital new Lynnhaven clinic location yesterday. My Sheepdog was seen by Dr. Alex D. It was a good experience where The professional staff met us at the door and treated Zeus. I have used Acredale for 30 years and could not be more happy with the services provided.

5 stars Verified customer

Great experience. My animal was well taken care of.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Quick turn around on medicine refill

5 stars Customer since 2020

Very efficient and professional

5 stars Customer since 2020

Acredale is full of caring doctors, techs, and receptionists. Even in Covid restrictions, my cat got the care he needed and I was kept informed the entire time.

We had taken my cat to an emergency vet prior to coming here after he had eaten plastic. The emergency vet we went to left us feeling like our cat was not being cared for, and after 3 visits over a week and a half, we decided it was time to find a better vet. We took him here and were immediately met with warmth and kindness. They weren't taking new patients, but they heard the urgency of the situation and happened to have a cancelation the same day I called and let me come in with my cat.

Because of their great urgency and care, a whole lot of IV fluids, and a little bit of beating odds, our little Oliver came home and ended up passing the plastic with no problems.

If we didn't take him here, he wouldn't have made it. He was nearly septic and extremely dehydrated. The emergency vet acted as if they didn't want to help anymore, saying he would have to be sedated the entire time in their care because he was 'aggressive'. They also said he 'may have something in the stomach' but did not have a sense of urgency or even seem to notice how dehydrated he was. They sent us home with a laxative and that was it.

Acredale took the time to be patient with Oliver, he was only sedated lightly for short periods of time and for his own safety (like when he tried to help pull out the IV cath). They also saw the plastic in his intestine that the ER missed (nothing in his stomach), did a follow up xray, and saw that it still hadn't moved in days. They immediately got him on IV fluids and kept him for 2 nights and 3 days. They understood our financial worries, made sure we knew all the options and kept everything in realistic terms so we could process our options more easily through the emotional stress.

I will recommend them to everyone I know who has pets.

Thank you all at Acredale.