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I had a female I could not get bred. Took me 1 1/2 years. I was told by other vets will not happen. Dr Steyn tested. Put her on medication and in 3 months later my female was bred. I now have 11 healthy happy puppies and a healthy momma.

This was a litter that was to never supposed to be possible.

Thanks to Dr Steyn and her wonderful staff.

She has done miracles for my other dog too.

Advanced Animal Care of Colorado replied:

Thank you Marie for trusting us with the care for Lexi. We love taking on the challenge, especially when you get blessed with 11 beautiful puppies. If there is anything more we can do for you, please let us know!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Gem was at the clinic for a BAER test. The tech and the vet were very kind and patient with me and my nervousness. My Gem is not a pup to sit still nicely but none the less was handled with kindness and gentleness. When one ear appeared to show a deficiency, the vet took the time to re-do that ear just to be sure. After the testing was completed the vet very patiently talked with me about the results and implications.

5 stars Customer since 2015

First, we would like to start by saying that we love Advanced Animal Care of Colorado!

We decided to pick Advanced Animal Care to be our vet when we got our kitten, Turtle, in September 2015. We picked Turtle up from a local shelter on a Friday and quickly found out that our little kitty was sick. We called Saturday for an appointment and they were able to get us in by Monday. We told the assistant that we thought Turtle was sick and she listened to us and took us seriously. She immediately alerted Dr. Steyn who came to the examination room to inspect Turtle. He was very dehydrated so they kept him for the afternoon to give him fluids and observe him. Working along with Dr. Steyn was Dr. Deramus who is another vet at Advanced Animal Care. Dr. Steyn and Dr. Deramus left no stone unturned while searching for the answer to why he was sick. He ended up staying overnight and was treated for a bacterial infection in his intestines. Throughout this whole experience we could really feel how commitment to Turtle both the doctors and workers were at Advanced Animal Care. For Turtle’s future kitten wellness visits we mainly saw Dr. Deramus.

For the next 9 months Turtle grew up a healthy and normal kitten but right before he turned 1 we noticed that he began to drool and would vomit. We contacted Advanced Animal Care and brought Turtle in to find out what was going on with him. Luckily, based on a recommendation from Dr. Steyn and Dr. Deramus after the first time Turtle was sick, we got pet insurance which covered 90% of all Turtle’s medical bills. When the insurance company initially denied our claim Dr. Deramus even wrote an appeal for us. The decision was then overturned and Turtle was covered again. Without this we wouldn’t have been able to do afford all the care that Turtle needed. He ended up being a very difficult case that both Dr. Deramus and Dr. Steyn worked on. We ran every test, scope and ultrasound under the sun and due to the open door policy at Advanced Animal Care we were able to be present in the room for everything. This allowed us to understand the entire process more thoroughly as well as let us be there for Turtle. Not being able to find an answer, Dr. Deramus was always very open to us about our options and ended up referring us to two different specialists. Dr. Deramus was great at staying in contact with us to see how turtle was doing and was always available if we had any questions. To make this whole matter even worse Turtle hated going to the vet and was a very difficult cat. Everyone at Advanced Animal Care has been so wonderful and patient while working with him we cannot thank them enough. Turtle is now doing wonderful on a special diet along with medication. We can’t imagine going to any other vet and we know that Turtle will always be getting the best care when he is there. Thank you.

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Dr. Deramus is great with the puppies and friendly and pleasant to deal with. It is obvious that she loves her work and she is an excellent practitioner. I would recommend Dr. Deramus and Advanced Animal Care to anyone.

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Dr. Katie is wonderful. We had a pre-op appointment with her to discuss the procedure of laparoscopic spaying of our 2 yr. old labrador. Dr. Katie took her time to examen our dog, ask questions, explain the surgical procedure and touched on a number of other subjects from vaccinations, allergies to nutrition. We have full confidence in expertise and are happy we found her. The clinic is very clean, nice peaceful background music and Kaylie, who was our technician was very professional and friendly. Great place, would recommend anyone to go and see Dr. Katie.

2 stars Verified customer

My cat "boo boo" was brought in to be put to sleep due to cancer,I was under the impression an associate will contact me when my cat Remains return the clinic,. No one has called or anthing,very upset of how this situation was handled,very unprofessional and uncaring. I guess as long as the practice gets their money they move on to other business. In the future won't be back,and let family and friends know what happened to me.

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Our senior kitty received excellent, expert care from the staff at AACC. Fort Collins is lucky to have such an excellent facility.

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This is the most amazing vet team ever! I get the best care for my 4 legged critters, with heart warming tender customer service. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Very friendly staff, very clean.

1 stars Verified customer

No good. 3 horrible experiences before we finally switched. Have given poor review at least once actually surprised they sent me another email asking for another review. Much happier with new vet. They are reasonable and not over the top. Advanced animal care is a rip off and their staff are most likely trained to scare owners into procedures and testing not neccessary for the animal and also extremely costly. Money is not an object when it comes to my pet. But like most of us i do not appreciate being ripped off and over spending and also being mislead by the people i trust with my animal. Dont waste your time here.