95.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

As always Ike and his team deliver outstanding service and a friendly environment.

Thank you all,


5 stars Verified customer

Always feel that my car is in good hands. I trust the mechanics completely which is important to any car owner. The prices for work are fair and Ike always explains to me what needs to be done on my car. The atmosphere is very friendly and that is important to me. My car has been into this facility for a few years and my toyato was serviced there for most of its 164,000 miles.

5 stars Verified customer

Great experience yesterday, my vehicle was fixed and my problem solved. I really appreciate you guys working with me and helping me stay on the road!

5 stars Verified customer

I was in and out fairly quickly and the job was done right. The location is close to work and I will refer coworkers and return myself.

Advanced Automotive replied:

Mr. Fleming, your review made my day. Referring our shop to your co-workers is the nicest compliment of all. Thank you.

Ike Johnson

5 stars Verified customer

Outstanding service! Ike hit a homer with me!

5 stars Verified customer

Ike at advanced automotive is knowledgeable and personable. He goes the extra mile to make sure your happy!!

2 stars Verified customer

overall job was good, but the cashier was racially prejudice to me. After given you a check for your services render to me,and you began asking me a series of questions to, where do you work?, which bank do you bank with?, its a local bank, and or is there any money available?. it's purely racially prejudice to me as an African American.

Advanced Automotive replied:

Mr. Dorley,

Here are the facts:

You car had been stalling out. You bought two sets of spark plugs to try to fix the problem. You installed one set: no improvement. You had it towed to my shop. We tested it. You needed a new coil pack. I called you. You said you had the part. You dropped it off when my technician was there. My technician could not understand you. He did not know why your brought a set of spark plugs when it needed a coil pack. I called you to explain the difference between the two and how the wires you bought plug INTO the coil pack. (Later my tech checked your installation job of one set of spark plugs. He had to fix one where you did not leave enough of a gap.)

I called to quote the job. You said, "I do not have that kind of money. I cannot pick up until Friday or Monday." I said that was fine. We finished the job.

You came in on Monday. I told you about the spark plug problem. You did not understand the word "gap." I changed it to "space" and explained how that space is necessary for a spark to form and ignite the gases. You got it then. I did not charge you for fixing the spark plugs you had installed. I said you should get the other set installed soon, but reassured you that you could wait until you had the money for that job--which is in a difficult spot to enter. I gave you a bag with the bad coil pack.

You said you wanted to pay by check and cash. Then I asked you about the bank's location and where you are employed. That was to confirm you as a local customer. When you told me, you could have said: "Why do you ask these questions?" I would have explained my policy for a first-time customer. (For your information, the two out-of-town checks that bounced and made me tighten my policy came from two different white guys, and neither one was a stranger.)

I asked you if I should deposit the check that day or hold it until tomorrow. That was a courtesy to you-- not an insult. I do this for my loyal customers when they ask me. I did it for you because of the breakdown circumstances.

? First, you had told me earlier "I do not have that kind of money."

? Second, you had to go without a car for five days.

? Third, you came in on a Monday, and sometimes banking is not reliable or available over the weekend.

? Fourth, since you paid half with cash, I did not mind holding the check for one more day.


Did you ever think it might have been a language problem? Did you question my policies for payment? Did you say, "Up until now, your service was good" to give me a clue about your intentions. No, you left with a smile.

Your answers on the survey were confusing, too. By adding the scores and dividing by the six, the overall would be around 50%, not 20% percent.

Was it easy to schedule an appointment 100.0%

Were you greeted in a prompt and friendly manner 80.0%

Were you satisfied with the explanation of services 40.0%

Were all of the services performed to your satisfaction 20.0%

Were the services performed in a timely manner 80.0%

How would you rate the quality of the work performed 80.0%

How would you rate your overall experience 20.0%

Also, I am not a cashier; I am the owner with 40 years in this business who has never been called racist by anyone. I treated you well. Next time, you might consider asking questions when something spoken or unspoken gives you a negative feeling, because you are responsible for your feelings.

Ike, Johnson, Owner

5 stars Verified customer

Thank you, Ike and Tom for making my first experience with Advanced Automotive a great one!

Advanced Automotive replied:

Elaine, we were glad to meet you and to know you will be back sometime. Thanks for writing.-- Ike

5 stars Verified customer

This is the only garage I've used where I've not once felt like I was being worked over or taken advantage of. This shop is 100% honest and will not push parts or services that your car doesn't need. Their work is solid and they stand behind it. The only place in the area I trust.

Advanced Automotive replied:

Charlie, I appreciate your comments. It's great to know we have earned your trust. You can be sure we'll work hard to keep it! Ike

5 stars Verified customer

Good service. Fair price. Work done quickly.