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In my opinion, Dr. Bills is the best chiropractor in the Richmond area. There are two-other chiropractors in Richmond, who are good/excellent. But, every-single time I've gone to Advanced Wellness, I've always walked out feeling significantly better than when I originally arrived for my corresponding appointments. And, if I happen to be in need of an "emergency"/same day appointment, they've always been able to get me in (...if he is working). They'll manage to get you in, if you're having an acute issue. They also have muscular & modality services that luckily are covered by my insurance (...i.e., under one-co-pay), which other providers generally cannot provide (at least not for all of the same type services)....However, still waiting for the FDA to recognize Laser Therapy (the "hot" laser method, not cold laser method - which Advanced Wellness has the lowest-out of pocket rate, for this type of additional service; i.e., if you buy the 12-pack option, it works out to $48/visit, vs $80-$100+ everywhere else..and it is really effective). But even if you can't afford this extra cost, Dr. Bills' has never "missed" with any of my adjustments (just like Buzz & Neds with BBQ chicken). The personnel at the facility are also friendly/accommodating. On a scale of 1 to 10, he gets a 10.0, where many other chiropractors (while some of which may be at an 8 or even a 9), some would never see me a second time. I've been to a lot of different chiropractor facilities, and again, I've always had great success with him/the facility.

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5 stars Verified customer

Everyone was so nice and I felt very comfortable and listened to.

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Concerned more about money than helping people! Not Everyone can visit 2+ per week. Co-pays add up Dr. Lowery! In addition, the office always seems so disorganized. They never run on time!

4 stars Customer since 2018

The wait is usually longer than I find appropriate for such a short appointment. If my appt is 5 mind long, I shouldn’t have to wait 15 to 20 minutes.

5 stars Customer since 2017

GREAT Staff!!!!!!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Personable treatment that showed me my provider care about the root cause of my issues. The team take time to educate me. And that alone speaks volume.

5 stars Customer since 2018

All good!!

4 stars Verified customer

It was good but people asked me like a billion times if I was okay... I mean I'm there bc I'm in pain but over all I promise I'm okay.... I mean I was asked at least 10 times....other than that everyone there is amazing!

5 stars Customer since 2017

I hadn’t been there in a while but Dr. Lowry and His team made me feel at home and very comfortable. I am so grateful that they were able to fit me in. It was a very positive experience and I will be returning soon. I highly recommend Advanced Wellness Centre!!!

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Beautiful Smiles By: Dr. Jill Bussey

5 stars 532 reviews

I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Jill Bussey. I am so glad that my orthodontist recommended me to her because she is so pleasant, professional, personal and attentive to my dental needs. I love being able to watch a movie while she is working. Never have I gone to a dentist or any doctor's office and had the comfort of just lying back and relaxing while watching a movie. Her staff are very professional and very nice also.
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Grove Eye Care

5 stars 1255 reviews

Dr. Levy was so incredibly helpful and personable. I came in for my eye exam and ironically also had an infection/stye. He was motivated to provide me relief with removing a possibly infected eyelash, writing me a prescription for a medicated eye cream, as well as lots of home remedy tips...and this was all "free of charge" and I only payed for my regular eye visit copay. Also, when selecting my glasses the team was so nice and understanding that I had a budget to stick to and were not pushy. I was really pleased with the professionalism and the care of the staff at Grove Eye Care. I would highly recommend. Also, the offering of coffee and cookies is a foster A+ in my book! Those small touches really give a competitive edge and make a difference when attracting clients. Lastly, on the board walking in there was an adorable and "welcoming" sign greeting all the clients, including returning patients and new patient names to greet them. It was so sweet and I truly appreciate those small details.
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