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66.7% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2014

You have an excellent staff my pain has been reduce as of now I think that I made the right choice selecting Advance Health.

5 stars Verified customer

Very knowledgeable and caring staff!

I always look forward to my appointments because I leave feeling superb.

Keep up the great work!

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent doctors and staff who are very caring and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to help a patient in need. Keep up the good work!

3 stars Verified customer

I think they do great work if you need chiropractic care. However, I can't help but feel like a hamster on a wheel. The staff is wonderful but when chiropractic didn't seem to help, I felt duped. I spent a lot of money on services that were not working for me. I would love to be refunded so I can use the money I am spending to have the recommended CT scan so I can find out what is actually wrong with me. They do Xrays here but that is it. If you have disc problems or any other issue not seen on an Xray they still tell you that you need chiropractic and if it doesn't work your out of luck and a lot of cash.

4 stars Customer since 2014

Very pleased with the level of care I have been given. The staff have been very helpful and friendly, I fell more like person and not just another patient.

2 stars Customer since 2014

have noticed on 3 visits that the person taking the trash out is not wearing gloves. OSHA requires gloves be worn any time trash is being handled. I do not want anyone touching me if they do not wear gloves when emptying the trash. If he is not careful to protect himself then I cannot be sure he is not transmitting something to me when he takes my vital signs. I am also disappointed that I continue to be required to wait extended periods of time to receive scheduled treatment. The extended sitting time is counter productive to the treatment I receive. On my last visit the chiropractor asked to do my adjustment before I had my injections and massage. This makes no sense to jerk my body around before it has been limbered up. Also contradictory to how Dr Keen described my treatment plan would go.

Advanced Health and Physical Medicine replied:

Mrs. Pruette we apologize for any treatment you were not completely satisfied with. Please know that we will work to correct the issue of the trash removal. You are absolutely correct, and if any staff was not wearing the appropriate materials, that are provided for them, this will be addressed and corrected immediately. Please know that this was not something we were aware of or will tolerate.

You are also correct on the proper order of treatment that we perform our services in. This order is done so that you are limber and the adjustment will take the best effect. This is also something that we will discuss in our staff meeting in the morning and immediately corrected.

Concerning the wait times, I will speak with you on your next visit to determine the area that is having the wait times.

Please know that we will work hard to address and correct the issues that you have described. We do want you to feel that your treatment is both beneficial and pleasurable.

I do have you on our schedule for 10:30 for tomorrow. I'm unsure of the messages you refereed to in your other note about earlier appointment times. We would love to see you for treatment tomorrow if possible. Please allow us to make every attempt to regain your trust.

5 stars

LOOK NO FURTHER if you are in search of the absolute BEST in advanced health and physical medicine. I am a retired veteran who has traveled the world in my 21 year career as a professional solider. I have been taking advantage of the advancements in chiropractic care and physical medicine since 1985 after being in my first car accident. I was so impressed with the results that I became a lifelong fan of this method of health and wellness. I was first introduced to Advanced Health and Physical Medicine in 2006 after a military training accident that left me almost completely immobile with one herniated and two bulging disks in my neck. I lost much of the feeling in my face which left me drooling, lisping when I spoke, and one of my eyes not able to close all the the way. Additionally, I lost much of the sensitivity and strength in my left arm and I had a very hard time opening my mouth due to intense jaw pain. The over-all pain from the injury was a 12 on a scale from 1-10. You heard me correct, a pain level off the charts. I could not sleep without the strongest pain meds and even then only a few hours at a time.

I went through physical therapy, steroid injections, prolotherapy, and went through 4 different type pain meds with little improvements. Two different surgeons gave me the same recommendation, remove one maybe two disks and spinal fusion. Both surgeons and the physical therapist recommended that I avoid going to a chiropractor after I inquired about this option. The MRI clearly showed that my spinal cord was being pressed out of shape by the herniation from my disk. They said that any type of spinal manipulation would be very dangerous. Well I followed my gut instinct and the recommendation from my personal physician who said whatever I do don't let them cut me.

That was 2006 and this is Jan 2014. I have never had surgery. My pain level dropped to about a 4 within the first two or three weeks of chiropractic treatments and now to a 2 on my worst days and a 0 on my best days. Advanced health and Physical Medicine has been a heaven send to me and my family during one of the most challenging times of my life. Not only have they helped me but my 18 y.o. son was experiencing pain in his spine and his x-rays showed that he had advanced scoliosis (an extremely crooked spine). Again the surgeons said he would need to have surgery to hopefully correct the problem. Which would be to cut him open from neck to lower back, brake his spine in several locations and place rods in his back. All of which could result in him not being able to walk afterwards. Again, I followed my gut instincts, and went to visit Dr. Brian Kean at Advanced Health and Physical Medicine. He was very optimistic and told me though my son's scoliosis was advanced he had helped many people with this type prognosis. Dr Kean devised and plan and went to work immediately. Today my son has NO pain in his back and the improvements in his spine are nothing less than remarkable. ALL without one cut of his flesh!!! The surgeons took x-rays at his next doctor's visit and what was one physician became 4 or 5 physicians standing in amazement that this had been accomplished through only chiropractic treatment.

I know this was a long review but I am extremely grateful to Brian Kean and the Advanced Health and Physical Medicine staff for all they have done over the years to keep me and my family healthy and whole. And if I can help just one person to avoid the KNIFE and all the harmful medicines and choose a more sure path to COMPLETE BODY WELLNESS then it was worth my time writing this review. All the best!!! Larry Walker

5 stars

Advanced health is absolutely the BEST option for complete wellness. Thank you for keeping me functioning and at peak performance.

Larry Walker

5 stars Verified customer

I have never been to a facility that provided such quality multidisciplinary care. Every staff member comes together to ensure you are getting every minute worth of your therapy in a safe, welcoming atmosphere. I feel that everyone here sincerely cares about my well being and progress. I would recommend Advance Health to anyone!

2 stars Verified customer

I went in with a specific issue, neck pain. X-rays were taken but not discussed, and I only kept getting asked if it was hindering my everyday tasks. It felt like I was getting interviewed for an informercial and that my concerns were not addressed.