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5 stars Customer since 2014

This is my first time to use Air 4 Season for my AC maintenance. My AC unit was old and turns out its still working with no problem. Victor was great! He explained what parts will be replaced in the future since my unit is already 23yrs old. He also told me what options I have if I want to replace my unit next time. Overall don't be afraid to try his services. I find him to be a great and honest guy. I would definitely have my AC serviced with him next year!

5 stars Customer since 2014

Your service man (Victor) was very professional and answered all my questions with great confidence.

Thank you, I was very happy with my service.


Agoura/Calabasas Hills, Ca

1 stars Customer since 2014

on Sept 10 of 2013 our AC was not working so I called Air4Seasons and had a technician come out. He said that the unit although old looked good and that it just needed a charge. We spent $235 to have him fill it with refrigerant. Exactly 6 months later, it is not working again. I had the same technician come out a second time. His English was so poor that I could hardly understand him on the phone and he had to transfer me over to his wife to take my information and schedule an appointment. When he came the second time, he had no recollection of his first visit even though I showed him the receipt with his business card attached to it. He told again that it just needed to be charged. I questioned him on it saying that it must mean we have a leak if after only 6 months and having only been a used a few times in that 6 months it was empty again. Again he was very hard to understand and I wrongfully assumed that the tech would know more about it than I would so I paid him $235 again to have him fill and it and 24 hours later it does not work. I now had a different company come out and look at it and they told me that there is a definite leak either in the lines or in the unit and one or the other or possibly both need to be replaced. So now we are faced with the cost of having to replace the system and we have already wasted nearly $500 in the past 6 months on a technician who knew nothing!! I would never recommend this company!!!!