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Dr. Edelman was fine. The office procedures and medical intake were disappointing. I got an email that told me to arrive a half hour early for my 1 pm appointment, which I did. When I got there the sign on the door said the office was closed for lunch. I overheard someone in the office say she thought she had bronchitis. What was she doing at work? When I was finally seen, the receptionist (pink keyboard) wasn't wearing a mask, and didn't make eye contact. Likewise, the assistant who took my vitals didn't make eye contact and didn't greet me.

The bright spot was the scheduling guides, who were warm and helpful.

Please work to improve these problems, thank you! Coming in for a stressful appointment and being treated like a piece of meat is not part of the caring professions.

5 stars Customer since 2022

Ashley was excellent. She asked many questions and really paid attention to my answers. She was kind and concerned and let me have a chance to talk. She respected my answers and gave me clear directives. I am very impressed with her. She renewed my hope in finding answers to digestive questions.

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I had the unfortunate experience of finding myself with mildly positive findings on PET/CT scans on a Tuesday. My oncologist phoned me the results that same afternoon. She contacted Dr Nickowitz after talking to me. I have a 12 year history of metastatic neuroendocrine cancer, that she has treated 3 times. I called his office the NEXT morning, a Wednesday. The office scheduler who was very kind. was able to work me in the NEXT day, a Thursday. I have only the briefest history with this office, no personal relationship whatsoever. I have only had routine screening procedures in the past.

I waited only a minute, then was seen by Dr. Nickowitz. He calmly tried to assure me that likely this was a false positive. He listened to me deny that possibility, as I am sure my cancer has returned. I am to have a procedure on the FOLLOWING Monday to see who is right. I would love to be proven wrong.

The outcome remains to be seen. The care I have received up to this point has been exemplary. I am very impressed and grateful.

5 stars Customer since 2023

This was my first visit with Dr Soltani. I really liked his approach to my medical problem.

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I had my first appointment with Dr. Beblawi to go over a screening colonoscopy and concerns around malabsorption. I found Dr. Beblawi to be very warm and friendly. Unlike other doctors that talk at you, Dr. Beblawi made sure to keep me very engaged in my appointment and made sure that my questions and concerns were addressed. I appreciated his thoroughness in going over my records and labs as he provided guidance. I would highly recommend Dr. Beblawi and am grateful that he is my doctor.

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Dr. Yang was kind, compassionate, and clear in her explanations when discussing my concerns. My first experience seeing a GI physician was a positive one..

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Dr. Nickowitz was EXCELLENT! He went over the history of the issues I was there for very thoroughly and after checking me out along with my medical records he explained in complete detail what I was to expect in the coming weeks which turned out to be... completely CURED of the main issue I went for! On top of that he made it a point to let me know that he would make sure my insurance was going to cover my prescription, I didn't even think to ask that which was quite comforting knowing he cared about the potential cost. Also on a second issue I got a referral for, once again after looking over my medical history with that issue he recommended I wait a couple more years because it wasn't necessary, rather than just going through with a procedure which it turned out I didn't need, he did what was best for his patient. FIVE STARS all the way!!

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Dr. Beblawi has been my doctor for many years. Always sits and listens. Have recommended him to several people .

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The Zoom connection was good and the call went well.

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Dr Rosenberg is one of the best Dr's I have encountered. I have seen him for a few years (including my colonoscopy) and he is one of the ones I have felt most comfortable with.....extremely professional, reassuring etc