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90.0% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars Customer since 2021

Way over priced for the services rendered.

Send the vet out to consult person to person. Relaying info through your employees is very unprofessional. Covid is DONE!!! No more excuses for hiding behind that for lack of personal consultations.

5 stars Customer since 2019

Went to pick up a prescription. They were fast, courteous and helpful. Since my dog has to take this med for the rest of her life, I was able to get two prescriptions at once since I drive a ways to get there. Alta View has been my vet of choice for a while now. The drive is worth it for me and my dogs and tortoise.

5 stars Customer since 2021

You can tell they are a well loved vet by the number of people coming back to them with their pets (healthy or otherwise). Even so, they treated everyone with extreme professionalism and patience and friendliness. Rarely you would find a time when there isn't a staff outside in the parking lot (Covid regulations) to speak with someone for registration or to see them off after a visit.

You might get a longer wait time on the phone getting an update but that's because (and I believe) they are making sure that the information they get back to you with is significant for you.

5 stars Customer since 2021

I took my guinea pig in with teeth disease, and was extremely happy with how the clinic managed and treated her, and how transparent and professional the communication was about the details of her diagnosis, treatment plan, etc. Couldn’t provide a better recommendation.

4 stars Customer since 2021

Was really happy with the staff and level of care our dog received while he was there getting fixed. I do wish the pricing had been a little more transparent when making the appointment since we ended up spending double what we were expecting. However, Alta View was still by far the most affordable option I found in the area for our dog who was "too big" for other vets to fix.

4 stars Verified customer

I wish they would have told me that the vet That dr Paul recommended and made the appointment with was not available when I arrived and another vet would be looking at My cat. This happened last year too. I made an appointment with Dr. Paul and it ended up being dr Tenborg. It’s like if I showed up for a dr appointment and another doctor walked into the examination room. It would be a surprise. The staff kept referring to my cat as a he when she was a she. And again like last year they returned my cat to me without her towel inside the carrier and the towel that covers the pet carrier. We use the towel to cover the carrier to make her feel safer. They did find both towels. But In saying all of that my cat was so happy and in good spirits after her appointment.

5 stars Customer since 2019

Love Alta View. They have taken care of our dogs for 24 years with great kindness. Our younger dog saw Dr. Tenborg this visit and she was great. She was really thorough and helpful. She also had some good advive for a puppy issue my girl is still having at 2 1/2. Trask in the office is the best and always has a smile. love him too.

5 stars Customer since 2020

My very health 13+ year old poodle recently had one bad day on Sunday where he stopped eating, drinking, and suddenly could not walk. I thought he was a goner. I took him to see Dr. Sterns at Alta View 8AM on Monday morning fully expecting that we would be saying goodbye to our wonderful fur baby. My dog had blood and urine labwork, xray, received antibiotics, steroids, and maybe hydration (I am unsure about the hydration). My dog started eating and drinking at the vet office. Additional labs were sent for pancreatitis. At 6PM we picked him up and brought him home. He was seemingly back to normal, walking normally, tail wagging, peeing/pooping, eating/drinking. Unbelievable but true. Of course he is recovering but all-in-all it is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Dr. Sterns and Dr. Elizabeth Tenborg.

1 stars Verified customer

I would caution anyone who brings their pet to this clinic to read their estimate carefully and ask the hard questions. We specifically stated that our pet had an injury, not an illness and questioned why a blood panel ($245) had to be performed. The answer from the tech was very vague - just stating that they do what the vet says. Were told the radiograph had to be sent out to be read by a specialist - though the 6 pictures were straightforward, not in a difficult area of the body etc. A little concerning that the regular vet can't read radiographs, felt that they were helping another animal professional make money ($145.00). Staff seems to have communication issues, and we have wondered if they even talk to each other inside the clinic? Please keep my animals collar and leash attached to the cage/crate they are in, then I wouldn't have to wait an extra 20 minutes in the parking lot while you are searching for it. Probably time to open up your clinic again, we are all still wearing masks, most everyone else lets people into their establishments now. Although I was pleased you were able to see me without an appointment, It was an $1,100 learning lesson day for me.

1 stars Verified customer

Overcharges for services and cannot keep their word when it comes to pricing. Will not visit this vet again.

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