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Alannah alwasy does a great job! She customizes them to my style - winged out on the ends and shorter on the inner corner for more comfort.

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Copied from my help review

I would honestly give this place 0 stars if I could. So I rarely go out of my way to say something negative about a business, but this has to be done.

Almost a year ago I signed up with the membership of 80 first full set and 59 dollar fills that would be deducted monthly from my bank account. My first appointment went terrible, the whole time it was really painful and was burning my eyes the whole time, I didn't know what to expect considering it was my first time so I just stuck through the pain. The day after my eyelids were very puffy and red, so I went back in the next day and they told me that the lady just didn't separate them after.

The next few times were okay, everything is very inconsistent considering that you visit a different lady every time unless you find one good eyelash expert to stick with, and they probably won't always be available when you need them.

The last straw was this morning, when I had an appointment at 10:30 and couldn't make it because I was in the hospital. And when I called to reschedule, they said they can do that, but they pulled the payment anyway, EVEN THOUGH I never received any service. I have a good reason as to why I wasn't there and they showed no empathy for that.

I'd never sign up here, terrible service, and very inconsistent. I have 4 months left on my contract but I won't be going back in ever again, even if they keep pulling the monthly fee.

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Very disappointed. Person was late and I left.

4 stars Customer since 2017

The experience was great the staff was very friendly. Had great customer service.

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Very friendly and knows what she is doing!! Would definitely recommend her to people.

5 stars Customer since 2016

She is very sweet and gentle.

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I asked for an experienced tech who could work with my deep set eyes and did no want lashes laying on my lids... that just what I got and had them remove them immediately.

To generic, can't customize lashes.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Excellent service, great lash work and always friendly as usual. Lovely experience with Ms. Elayne!

5 stars Customer since 2017

I have had a bad experience before at a different lash extension place, and was reluctant to get my lashes done again. I am sooooo glad I did! The gentleman I talked to on the phone reassured me it would be a wonderful experience and found a lash specialist that would fit me best! Megan took her time, was gentle, and gave me the most amazing lashes! I'm addicted!

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I love having my lashes done. I am very sad that my favorite lash girl doesn't work their anymore. I am nervous to try anyone new. Here is why. As much as I try to justify it Amazing Lashes is way over priced for the quality of lashes and they only have 4 styles of lashes to choose from. They don't just do what you want they have a pattern they go by. It is not their fault but for the money spent you should save and go get them done at a salon where they can be more creative and make up their own styles. After a few times of going and getting different stylists my lashes never looked the same. Not completely satisfied I've literally spent sometimes up to 120$ on lashes per month. Also it's a year contract with no way of breaking it unless you move or have a doctor's note. They automatically pull money out if your account every month for a "fill" and if your lashes did not hold up very well those few weeks and you lost more lashes than you should they will put a couple on and you walk out or you have to book a full set of lashes which is 100$. I just wish I could get more consistency with the quality of lash application as they do have some very good stylists.