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The both Esthericians I tried are great but i dont think the product you are using is a good quality anymore. I have a membership almost for 3 years. I uses to go to Miami but i move to Orlando few months ago. Im not happy anymore. I noticed my eyelashes dont long wear more than 10 days. I paid $60 per month, 35 retouch and $80 for full set. I dont think is right at all. The last time it was 10 days ago for refill as i said my Esthetician is great but the product is cheap. I lost more than half of the eyelashes in 7 days. I went on Sunday (2 days ago) for retouch paid $35 for retouch which i wasnt happy at all only had 20 min to retouch and really it wasnt full at all. "Im not happy". I feel like im wasting my money for nothing. I told the receptionist and they told me gonna let the manager know. However, nobody calls me or say something. I dont like to write negative reviews but i feel someone have to read this. I know 2 other ladies that are going to other locations in the area because they used to have the same issues im having now. Im expending my money more than the service costs. I dont think is professional at all. I hope the manager take her time to call me !!

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The ladies were all nice and help me and answer all my questions

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Not happy at all. The stylist did not explain all the options. Then I stayed up all night with an irritation in the left eye which seems like something was left inside the eye. Upon calling Amazing Lash, they were extremely apathetic and I was told that that put some drops or use Benadryl. Ridiculous. No resolution of my issues.

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A lot of hidden fees

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Love my lash extensions. They are really good quality and are put on really well. Its my third day with them and not one has fallen off yet. I highly recommend this place. The girl who did them was very thorough, her name is Adalyn.

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It was great! I had Daveen. She was wonderful. My lashes look great. Also, I love that you have options for thickness. These lashes are so light. I forget that they are there.

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Evelyn is amazing. Precise!

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Erin did a fantastic job on my lashes ! So happy with how they look !

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On my last visit I was very disappointed. I had my stylist lay me down at 1:10 and was done at 1:45 with the lashes and took off the tape and dry them till 2:55 when I saw my lashes they looked embarrassing! They looked as though I had gone three weeks without lashes as well as having them visibly hanging on the lash as oppose to the lid like they’ve done before. I have been there for almost a year and this was by far the worst experience ever. I’ve had experiences with other stylist where 45 minutes was more then enough with the same amount of lashes I had when I arrived. I asked for the manager to give me a call since she wasn’t in the building but I never got a call back! Now I have an apt there next week and will cancel my membership. What a horrible experience

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The young lady who did my lashes didn’t wear gloves and kept resting her sweaty hands on my forehead. She also lacked personality and didn’t make me feel comfortable. And she was extremely slow and seemed to have just started doing lashes. The finished job was also sloppy. When i was checking out they suggest tipping way over 20% for the service and also are very pushy about applying for their membership. They also make you sign entirely too many papers. Not a relaxing experience at all.