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Jan your optician is awesome!...too bad your owners don't value her hard work and dedication. You really are letting a 15 year plus employee go? Where is your dedication to your employees? I will not be returning nor will I bring my family or refer friends to you establishment. I also will not be driving clear across Denver to your new facility.

American Vision Center replied:

Dear Anonymous,

I'm glad that you feel such loyalty to my employees and I'm sorry to lose you as patients, but I think a history lesson might be instructive. Bear with me for a moment. In 2001 my Landlord, Dr Gawerc the foot doctor on the first floor, died and left the building to his brother, who lives in Texas. My lease expired in 2002 and I asked for a new lease, a lease extension and even inquired into buying the building. I was told no to everything. I offered to manage the building for him at no charge just because I was such good friends with Dr Gawerc and was told 'No thanks, I'll have my people handle it'. As a long time patient I'm sure you've noticed that the first floor has gone unrented for 17 years now and has become a target where homeless people congregate. He provides zero maintenance on the building. Zip, nada. I don't get it.

Four years ago I was served with an eviction notice. I protested on the grounds that 30 days would not give my staff time to find other jobs. He hired a lawyer, I hired a lawyer ($$$)...and then 2-3 months later he fired his lawyer and stopped responding to any communications. I decided to stay on and see what would happen. My decision to stay on was based primarily on trying to keep Jan and Katherine (also with me for almost 20 years) employed. You think Jan deserves some 'loyalty' for 20 years service? I thought the same thing when she had 16 years of service...and for the last 4 years I have put up with a somewhat deranged Landlord mainly to keep the staff employed.

I was served with an eviction notice again effective November 30th 2017. I again hired a lawyer to fight it ($$$) and have again, in violation of the eviction notice, refused to leave unless I get 6 months to give my staff time to find options. Unless the police physically evict me, I will stand by that. The staff have been told that they do not have to give me any notice if something good turns up for them.

Regarding having to go all the way across town to our other office, that isn't necessary. I have an office a couple of miles away near Federal and Alameda. I was able to move Katherine over there and feel terrible about Jan and Mo, but I'm glad I was able to stretch out their employment by over 4 additional years since our legal problems developed.

So I hope this changes your opinions on the loyalty I've shown my staff. I may not be the smartest Doctor (notice I said 'may') but you'd be hard pressed to find one more concerned about his staff. Honest.

Be Well,

Dr Jay Greenstein

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Friendly staff, knowledgeable doctors and a welcoming environment.

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Kind, helpful staff.

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Always am pleased with my experience at American Vision Center. The staff is always very friendly and accommodating. Plus the doctor works fast and efficiently. It does not feel rushed but like he values my time and wants to move through all the tests quickly. For sure recommend to anyone looking for an Optometry office.

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They got the part and had my glasses back to me in less than 24 hours. Jan at the Broadway location is great!

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My exam was fine, though I was feel to be made uncomfortable during two instances. First, discussion of childhood immunizations during an optometrist appointment is inappropriate. Additionally, I was offered by the doctor to take home the daily lenses I needed to borrow during my appointment, later on I was made to feel as if I was stealing them and asked to pay for them by the assistant (daily contacts), the secretary did her best to remedy the situation but unfortunately the damage had been done. Also the office is seriously outdated.

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Thanks for the reminder. I love your frame selection and customer service is always on point. I look forward to getting prescription Ray Bans this year. See you soon!

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Friendly, professional, thorough and helpful. Will come back again and recommend friends to use them as well.

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The doc is fantastic! She's incredibly nice and knows what she is talking about. Will definitely keep coming back.

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Fast friendly people! Thank you guys so much