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Good stuff

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The people at Anderson Tire do quality work, and we've never had any problems afterwards. However, some of the people are pushy, and I feel that's more likely the case because I'm a woman. I took the car in for my husband so we wouldn't need to work around his work schedule to get the car serviced. We've taken our cars into Anderson's 4 or 5 times over the past two years, and he's seemed to have a better experience with them than I have. Also, I can usually count on a long wait while they work on my car. Still, as I mentioned earlier, they do good work on our cars and we've never had a problem with the services they've done. If there has been any hint of an issue with the work they've done, they will check it and are willing to fix it, so they do stand behind their work.

Carlie A

As the husband, I've had good experiences with Anderson's over the past two years. During this last visit we had a brake fluid flush done and had them look into an issue with the turn signal lever. I'd ruled out the bulbs and my wife let them know it was an electrical issue. They charged us $60 to look into the problem and propose a solution. I understand that they had to dig a little bit to figure out the problem, but I've never been charged by an auto repair shop for having them look into a problem. They priced the replacement of the turn signal lever and the associated wiring at $295 (not including taxes and environmental fees), which included the cost of the $60 check-up. My wife called me to explain and gave the phone to a technician so he could explain everything. I felt somewhat obligated to have them go ahead and repair it because I was already $60 into it. I have gone to other places I trust and will call them to get quotes and request a price match, so I called another place and got a quote for $196.29 out the door. I requested that Anderson work with me on the price, so they brought it down some. They do great work and I've been satisfied with their prices on the other repairs we've had done, but the price for the signal lever replacement was quite expensive and I felt locked in because of the $60 charge. I don't know if the check-up fee is a common thing, so I could be off my rocker on that, and perhaps I don't understand all the work involved in such a repair, but even after them working with me a little on the price, the cost for the labor made this visit a bit more expensive than I'd expected.

Stephen A

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Eventhough busy and backlogged due to the volume of customers they had, they still did a wonderful job. Their work still stands. great work

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Recently had the rear brakes ( drum), changed the brake fluid and rotate the tires.

They could not rotate the tires due to the lug studs and had to order the studs and new lug nut bolts. This took a week and required me to take more time off from work which I understand this is nothing they could control. However, after replacing the rear brake. They forgot to put the rubber nipple ( you remove this to get to the adjustment screw for the brakes) on the dust plate on both right and left drums.

When returning for the lug nuts. I told the attendant that they had forgot to put these back on. After the work was done they still were not there. This a 4 wheel drive vehicle, it does see mud and water. It's now on open hole for dirt and mud. This is why if you know how to do it yourself do it!

One- hundred fifty dollars all parts should be replaced that can be. The retaining pins for the brakes were the same old ones. Unsatisfactory.

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Great to find a trustworthy mechanic! I drive out of my way to bring my vehicle here because I know the work will be done well and I won't be spending more on unneeded repairs.

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These guys are great! They always take great care and are efficient and friendly, honest, which is a great behavior trait to possess, especially when working on someone's cars. Thanks!

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This place is awesome. I always get excellent service and that's what keeps me coming back.

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Dropped it off at 8:00, done by 10:00. Perfect!

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Thank you for always taking such good care of me!!

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You always take great care of my car! I'm greeted when I walk in the door & kept informed if it's going to take longer than planned. You're friendly, helpful & I never feel hustled. You guys are awesome!