Animal Emergency Clinic North East

5 stars Customer since 2016

The doctor was very pleasant and professional, our experience was way better than the last time with the other veterinarian Mohammed, he was rude.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Everyone there was very courteous and professional.

2 stars Customer since 2018

The only animal clinic that I have been in where you are not allowed to be with your pet when they are being examined. That can be a traumatic experience for the animal. Once the Great Dane (sprayed in face by a skunk) was examined by the DVM, we were told to wait in the room for a minute and she was going to get eye drops and the vet would be right in. We waited about 25 minutes before the DVM came in, and he was surprised that no eye drops had been put in the eyes of the Great Dane. There were at least 5 female techs in the back. The DVM got the eye meds and immediately put them in the eyes. He told us that he would put a label on the eye medicine and we would be on our way. We waited another 25 minutes and when we ask the receptionist why it was taking so long to place a label on the prescription, she checked and was told they were finishing her chart. WHAT!!! How long does it take to write, examined by DVM, sprayed by skunk, temperature taken and eye drops prescribed? Eventually one of the girl's came out and looked at the computer to see what she was to write in the chart. When one of the girls brought out the medicine she was VERY rude. The DVM was very kind and knowledgeable, but everyone else needs fired. Someone's boyfriend or husband was sleeping in the lobby. That didn't look too professional.

1 stars Verified customer

Front desk is a mess and I cannot believe the lack of urgency when checking in or out. Why are you hiring teenagers who are obviously just there to get a paycheck. I left there furious and overcharged with pure disbelief that anyone would hire such incompetent people. If it was not for the local convenience I would have never chosen this clinic. I must have been asked the same exact questions 5 or more times and not to mention how the could not read what was right in front of them. Good god!

5 stars Verified customer

My visit with Anima Emergency Clinic most definitely wasn't planned. My pet Zeke was rushed to the Animal Emergency Clinic due to him digesting the stuffing from his doggie bed.

When we arrive at the Emergency Clinic we were very worry about the out come but the reception was very nice and reassured us that he would be ok. The veterinarian was very knowledgeable and did not rush the process and made sure we understood how to take care Zeke

We left with instructions on how to take care of him and to return if he didn't improve.

5 stars Customer since 2010

They are always caring and concerned.

They check you pet closely and the vets are always very knowledgeable.

Thank goodness for ER Vet clinics!

5 stars Customer since 2018

Really like the Vet at this clinic. Everyone was super nice which help calm our nerves down. Would definitely use this clinic again.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Wonderful place when in need. They took care of my dog, kept me informed, and helped me make decisions that were best and didn't break the bank. Thank you.

1 stars Customer since 2018

Terrible experience. I had to refuse 4 THOUSAND dollars in diagnostics before the veterinarian would begin treatment (for a respiratory infection folllowing boarding). I was charged for more hours in care than my pet received treatment. Scare tactics such as the vet telling me she was worried my pet could have cancer were used as an attempt to manipulate me to spend thousands of dollars in unnecessary tests.

5 stars Customer since 2018

From the time we showed up to the time we left everyone was nice and polite. Showed genuine care for my pet.