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Thanks for seeing my dog, Aoife on such short notice! We had a great experience as a first time visitor even on such a busy Saturday afternoon!

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Drs are great & know what they're doing but staff is way to busy & it takes way to long & my dogs hate going that I can't keep coming unless extremely important. I've been coming for yrs & it's gotten worse. It's a shame. Hire lots more help!!

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Great service

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First, you should know that BEN is dead. WE had to put him down yesterday at OSU Vet center. We are heartbroken; he was a beloved friend and companion.

You should also know that the information given us by AMC on Saturday morning regarding service "immediately available" at OSU was totally wrong.

OSU does not provide either comprehensive CT or ultrasound service on weekends. There are no qualified radiologist on duty, unless they are called in for life-threatening emergencies. This fact did not become clear

until AFTER we had registered an obviously ill BEN and he had already been given a FASTSCAN. This was essentially a duplication of the radiography done earlier Saturday morning at AMC. We learned nothing new at the cost of several hundred dollars.

I would appreciate a call from AMC to resolve this matter. Thank you.

Maria Humphrey

978 852-7777

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I wasn't actually there but my daughter brought Lulu in Lulu has been feeling so bad and I have tried everything I was told to do to take care of her Since she has been to your office she is feeling a little better, she is not up to par yet but a little better

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Was not pleased with my experience yesterday. My thought when i left was that i would never bring bennie back because of that. I felt i was forced to pay for something i didn't want. I have utilized your services since day one and asside frombeing busy this was the worst. I am not happy and i question what else will change?

Animal Medical Center replied:

I apologize that you feel this way, at Animal Medical Center we pride ourselves on taking time to explain everything with owners and make sure that you only get those things that you want. If you have more questions or concerns please contact, Andrea our Practice Manager at 614-755-4900. Thank you.

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We were seen promptly which had not always been the case in the past - bravo Animal Medical Center! The staff was friendly and patient, and gave us all the information we needed to make a good decision on certain services. We were not pushed into things we felt were not needed, but rather given an explanation of their importance and allowed to make up our own minds. We also appreciate the menu prompting system they have put in for phone calls. The phone no longer rings and rings; it is answered promptly as well. We had not been here for many months, and had considered transferring our pooch's records, but are now reconsidering. If future appointments will be on time, we will gladly make the drive there since we have moved to a different part of the Columbus area and no longer live in Gahanna. Thanks for making this a pleasurable experience.

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Friendly, knowledgeable staff.......excellent place for a new pet owner!!

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You guys always are awesome!

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Each and everyone I have been to the clinic, I have been impressed with how clean it, and how friendly and helpful the staff and doctors are.