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I brought my dog in as a walk in for an eye infection, it was a very busy morning there but they were able to fit us in with little wait. My dog felt very comfortable with the doctor & staff, and I feel very comfortable with the visit, my dog is on the road to recovery.

Thank you.

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Very helpful and caring

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The convenience of the 24hr hospital was great but if you are going to offer 24hour services then you should not charge extra for "after hours care". I had to decline service on my dog because the billing was increased for bringing the dog in at 7pm. Also, the consultation fee was bogus because I sat in the waiting room for and hour to have the doctor look at my dog for less than 2 minutes after I told him what was wrong with her. He agreed that was the problem and disappeared only to send the nurse in a half hour later for me to sign paper work. I basically paid 75$ to pet my dog for an hour and half in a building a few miles from my house. I could have stayed home and done that for free. The staff is nice and the building is nice. The billing and consultation is what my issues were. I am sure that the staff there does a great job in other, more serious circumstances.

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Terrible. I went for the emergency visit. My cat was lathargic,had labored breathing and was slightly drooling when i found him. I had thought he may be suffering from heat stroke and cooled him down in first warm then cooler water with stopped his panting but he still wasnt right. i went to the visit and waited nearly 2 HOURS (in which time, an animal can surly die) while they tended to a dog scratch that was not life threatening and then someone brought in a dog hit by a car,but the dog was not yelping or looked to be in much pain. So they tended to that dog first while me and my cat sat in the waiting room. We finally went to the back and the "nurse" took him out of his catch(roughly) and weighed him and took his temp. Keep in mind we dont know what is wrong i just said I thought it was heat stroke. The doctor came in and i told him what I thought, he put hands on him for less than 2 minutes and then concurred it must be heat stroke and named every symptom you could have from heat stroke. He asked what i wanted to do, which is fucked up because what do you think I want to do dumbass! I want to find out what might be wrong with him, so this smarmy doctor left, and the nurse came back in with a bill for nearly $3000 to do multiple things! They would not take payments of any kind and only care about the money you have .not the health of the animal. I asked for a reduction so we can determine the cause and she put it back on me saying if i had brought him earlier they would know better. Well she came back with $500 and we decided to take him home and nurse him there. I payed the $75 (for ABSOLUTELY nothing but a flawed opinion) took my boy home. He was not eating or drinking so i gave him water with a straw and syringe and gave him animal nutrional supplements my mom gave me. Long story short about 4 days later as i was feeding him, i found a 4 centimeter hole in his chest! The reason for everything. This "doctor" did a 2 minute examination and ran with what I said about heat stroke instead of doing a proper exam and finding this HOLE! Apparently, my boy had gotten into a fight and the other animal pierced his chest cavity. well I kept it clean and extracted the puss over the course of a few days and he is much better now.

I missed the hole in his chest. IM not a doctor. If the doctor had been more concerned about doing a proper diagnosis and not how much money he was going to make, he might have found this hole. I give 1 star and wish i could give 0.

You can tell the vets that only care about money and the ones that care about the animal. This vet is the former.

Never again

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I always have a great experience my only suggestion would be maybe on the vaccine clinic days have someone specified just to do shots to speed things up

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I had an appointment and the time after the vet saw Carmel was way too long. I would like to see the process improved.

And the music was way too loud when we entered the examine room

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I googled a 24 hour animal care facility and this facility pulled up. I was just at the Norco vet who gave my pug a simple rabies shot and due to her having an allergic reaction to the shot they gave her an antihistamine but that caused her to gasp for breaths when I got home. It was after 10pm so thankfully Arlington was open and they took us right away and gave her a steroid shot which had her breathing normal in 5 minutes. I was very pleased with Arlington service and will definitely be back.

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I appreciate that someone was able to see us early (we arrived about an hour before our appointment), and everyone we met was very kind, but after the vet could find nothing wrong with my dog (no fever, gums normal, stomach soft, eyes bright, etc.), I was shocked to be handed two invoice options: one $500 and one $800. That's emergency, my-dog-is-dying money, not she's-fine-but-something-MIGHT-be-wrong money. Even basic things, like fluid, were astronomically priced. One medication was $47...plus another $49 for the injection. Syringes cost less than $1; that kind of charge is insane. The correct medical advice would have been, "She seems fine, but keep an eye on her. If she gets worse, come back in." Instead, I was told I should pay $800 to make sure she was fine--$500 if I wanted to risk not knowing right away. Instead, I paid $65 for the appointment (two minutes of the vet's time) and left. And, of course, my dog IS fine. Before filling out this survey, I took a look at your Google and Yelp reviews. SO MANY PEOPLE have mentioned feeling like you guys were trying to rip them off. After receiving the same feedback over and over again, I would hope you'd eventually listen. Sending out this survey makes me think you really care about your customers' opinions--now just act on them!

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Love Dr Shanchez

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The Doctors and staff are loving and caring. They saw my little French Bulldog safely through a nasal and soft pallet surgery; she doesn't snore now, and maybe can have a longer, more pleasant life being able to breathe better which means more oxygen in her blood.

She's one year two months ten days old, jumps, runs, plays with toys, eats well, and HAPPY. The WELLNESS PLAN helped me to have constant discounted care as needed, and I'm disappointed not enough others are interested ?! So the plan had to be discontinued.