Aspen View Veterinary Hospital

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Dr. Webb is awesome!!!!!

We spoke in regards to Little Bitz health and my concerns.

He totally listened to what I had to say and understood them completely. I have a great respect for Dr. Webb giving me honest feed back and coming to an understanding to the health and care for Little Bitz.

Truly a professional Dr.and staff!

Thank you

Yvonne Stemple and Little Bitz :)

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everyone is so nice when ever we come in. They treat both of my puppy dogs great. I don't have any worries or concern for my Army and Navy they are treated very well!

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This was our first visit to Aspen View with our new kittens and it went very well. Everyone was so friendly and answered any questions that we had. Looking forward to working with them for our pet care needs.

5 stars Customer since 2016

As always, the staff is friendly, loves on my furbabies, and takes great care of us!

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They took the time to explain everything about my dogs visit. Plus they deserved combat pay trimming his nails as he can be a real handful.

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They were great to my Rat and gave all meds as needed.

5 stars Customer since 2016

I absolutely love the Drs and staff at Aspen View Veterinary Hospital. We are always treated like family.

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Almost allowed your doctor to cut my dogs eyelids due to watery eyes which allegedly had hairs growing beneath the lids.

Since the vet never even looked closely, yet immediately concluded ingrown hairs , which could be remedied by minor operation. He even made the claim he could see the hairs. Never mind that I could not see them, even with magifivation. I initially suspected food allergies and even noted that to the doctor. He was dismissive of my concerns stating he could see the (invisible?) hairs.

Thankfully I went with the grain free diet. His eyes have cleared up and are just fine, no thanks to Aspenview doctors.

Aspen View Veterinary Hospital replied:

After careful review of this patient file it revealed that this patient suffered from a bilateral entropion problem which is very common in bulldogs. There was never a mention of hair or any other foreign objects under the patient's eyelids. At the time of the visit 6 months ago we did definitely recommend having the entropion problem fixed surgically which is the only way to correct this problem permanently. On multiple occasions we have tried to help this client effectively address the concerns he has had for his pets but it has been very difficult because rarely have any recommendations been followed after we have provided the information. We always strive to provide owners multiple options when it comes to the health concerns for their pets. However, in this instance, there was really only one option and it was declined. We can attest that a grain free diet most certainly did not fix an entropion conditon and at the time of this visit there was no mention of watery eyes.

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5 stars Customer since 2017

Dr. Wells and the crew has been so wonderful to Reggie since we started bringing him there. Dealing with Reggie is not for the faint of heart, especially when shots are involved, but Dr. Wells and his team and did such a great job with him that it went smoothly and we just couldn't be happier!