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I got lip injections with my friend and we are amazed at how good they look!!!

5 stars

The BEST in Hawaii!

My experience at the Athena Clinic was amazing and I am happy to say with full confidence that Dr. Peterson is simply the best plastic surgeon in Hawaii! I have many reasons to attest to this: Dr. Peterson is not only highly qualified, but he is also incredibly professional, surprisingly humble, exceptionally caring and tremendously patient.

He was the first of a few surgeons with whom I met before I decided to do my surgery. It was a rhinoplasty and therefore, a sensitive subject for me. I still remember the day I went in for an initial consultation and when Dr. Peterson left the room, the smiley nurse Lex said "He is the best, believe me!" She said it with such poise and without the pushy intrusion that one might experience when shopping around for a plastic surgeon. There was such sincerity in her voice that it stuck with me. And now I know why.

Dr. Peterson is a like sculptor of a unique talent. He gave me an appearance that I have never even dreamed of: a beautiful, but totally natural look. My results are beyond successful. At the same time, he was very realistic in shaping my expectations and incredibly patient to make sure I have all my questions answered. And I had 40 of them! But he patiently went through all of them. Other surgeons were not as detail oriented and one even told me he didn't have time for my questions because other patients were waiting. I was devastated that day, so it made me think how comfortable I felt during Dr. Peterson's consultation. So I picked up the phone and scheduled my second consultation with him.

The second one went even better than the first. He was focused and listened carefully to what I wanted as a final result. He is not like one of the other surgeons where he is telling you what he wants for you. Dr. Peterson listens carefully to what you want and tells you if that is achievable or not. He was so accurate with his estimate regarding my results that now I look in the mirror, I see it and it blows my mind every time. He is that good! And he follows up on every single detail. He makes sure that everything is perfect. So, in that sense, he is simply brilliant and it almost feels like his touch is purely magical.

In addition, his staff is beyond wonderful! I'll be forever grateful to Joanna for making sure I was comfortable in the operating room, to Crystal and Chelsea for holding my hand when I was given the anesthesia and during the procedure, to Erin for the gentle follow up care of me, to Lex for her upbeat attitude that helped relieve my anxiety, to Jenn for always being so helpful, taking my questions and concerns and coming back to me in a timely manner, and last but not least to Dr. Peterson for putting together and leading such a great team. They were all so attentive and kind, it is hard to put into words all they did for me. They all exceeded their professional obligations because they were there for me not only with their skills, knowledge and expertise, but also with moral support every step of the way.

Now I am so happy with my appearance, it is truly a dream come true. And when I go for a follow up appointment, the whole staff makes me feel at home, they make me feel happy to see them and they show such excitement for my beautiful results. Sometimes I feel that words cannot express what a magnificent experience they created for me. I was so nervous for this surgery, but I know that deciding to do it and choosing Dr. Peterson and his staff was the best decision I ever made for myself. Thank you, Dr. Peterson and staff! You have made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful! ;)

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I cannot speak highly enough of this fabulous team of compassionate people!

So professional, efficient and making one feel relaxed before and during the procedure.

The whole experience was awesome!!

Jan and I thank you.


Richard Hall New Zealand

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Unfortunately for me, my experience was very unsatisying Not only did the Anethstesiologist miscalculate the sedative and I woke up in Horror during my procedure but the end result was A great disappointment leaving me depressed at wasting over 6000.00 Hard earned Dollars I saved for this procedure.

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Dr. Peterson was one of the best consultations I've been to. I have been to 3 different Dr's for my breast augmentation and lift and out of everyone Dr. Peterson was so approachable, friendly, professional and explained the procedure in an understandable way. The first question after our introduction was "What do you want you breast to look like?"He explained everything. I felt like he listened and was present. I am very happy with my consultation and his staff Lex and Jen were so awesome!

5 stars Customer since 2022

I have always been pleased with my results with Dr. Peterson. He knows and does his craft very well! Don't just take my word for it, come and see him for yourself. You will not be disappointed!!!

5 stars Customer since 2019

Excellent staff, excellent service and excellent work. The best!

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I made the appointment to discuss options for what I wanted within the time frame I wanted it and as always, it was good to be back among those who help me make the changes I want. Well, so much for discussion! I learned that I could achieve my desired end result that very morning! We narrowed down the choices, I made my selection and the process started to roll and I left with the improvements I hoped for with time to spare for the goal date. This team is so awesome, they cut to the chase and get you where you want to go, and they really CARE about you and your comfort. I want to thank Doc Peterson, he is an artist!! And all the staff, they are so special. Thank you for helping my dream come true!!!

5 stars

I am very pleased with the procedures and care I received from Dr. Peterson and his wonderful staff. From the very beginning, they were understanding of my needs and did their utmost to provide me with a satisfying experience. For years, I wanted to get rid of a sigificant amount of fat around my neck and chin, as well as some unwanted skin blemishes. Dr. Peterson provided excellent treatment and I am very happy with the result. I will definitely recommend Athena Clinic to my friends who may want to have some cosmetic procedures done. If you are unsure about whether to take the step, I would recommend going in for a consultation and you will get a straight forward and candid assessment of the treatment he can provide. I would also like to thank Dr. Peterson for being such a strong supporter of our military! His generosity and professionalism are exceptional.

5 stars Verified customer

Dr. Peterson and the staff at the Athena Clinic are amazing!

I went years in advance, before I was ready for my breast augmentation and learned what I wanted to know at that time before finally coming back to schedule my surgery. I looked into other doctors on the island as well but I didn't find everything I was looking for anywhere else. Everyone in that office is fabulous, the surgery was easy to schedule, private, stress free and they took great care of me!

Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome and my results are STUNNING. I am often complimented on my appearance now and people are surprised to hear I had a breast augmentation. The sizing is perfect, Dr. P's knowledge and recommendations were spot on and I couldn't be happier.

I am so thankful I had this amazing experience.