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5 stars Customer since 2013

These Folks Really Are Terrible at Failure ! I mean Terrible!

From the moment I walk in, Dorsey, Greets each person! Good day, Good Morning! ( Smile attached)

Just about the time I get settled in the waiting area with my ipad out and working!, Here Comes Heather! all up in my business about getting everything straight on the paperwork and of Course she is there to collect any payments required ! I said Required! She also works with you to make it reasonable to digest on a budget ! Thank you Heather! Then about the time Heather has collected all the Money ! Ba Boom! here comes Jamie! Ready to Check up on my equipment. Do a test run and get all suplplies needed and questions Answered !

Now! does it go smooth on every visit ! Nope! But These Ladies do a Great Job of managing Crazy schedules and Keep Dr. Cates ! In line with the program! God knows they have their work cut out for them!

What A Team! It's satifying to me that they are organized and trying to reasonably accomodate all patients on an ongoing basis ! Even after you leave the office They get their follow up done! Do they make mistakes? You bet, but not often! Do they recover the mistakes! You can bet your sleep on it ! IF you join hands with them and cooperate! they will support you through your journey! Don't forget to say, Thank YOU! They Earn it!

I Now Sleep for the first time in 2.5 yrs ! I now fully understand what all I had to strategize to do to accomplish this!

It is now in my hands wlong with the Good Lords to make this situation Grow into to completet recovery! I spent and entire year with the sleep staff At Good shepard! spent tons of money and still no progress or improvement!

I went online and locted The Athens Sleep Center! Upon my first visit! Dr. Cates made a complete survey of my case. Shared him observations and helped me develope a strategy ! It didn't get this way overnight so committment to planning and strategy are key. As I mentioned above. I am not alone! I have a support Team! They are like human, they get jammed up sometimes, but hey never quit! Lookw around! you will very rarely find support like this!

Imagine if I had never found them and continued to not get sleep and my health declined even past where it was, I finally could have lost my job, Then not have been able to support my daughter into college!

If you have trouble in anyway with these Folks ! Let's do alll of us a favor! First, Look in the mirror and ask yourself are you following the plan to the detail, Are you committed to attaining the goal/goals and have you done all that you can to deliver your part. If your still not Happy! Call the Sleep Center and ask them to send you to me! I already have your answer!

Good Rest and Deep Healthy sleep to all !

Alan Pate

5 stars Customer since 2012

I did not have to wait long to see a Dr..I had my questions answered, and was feeling much better as I left your office.

5 stars Customer since 2011

The ladies working the front were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Excellent service!!

4 stars Customer since 2013

Staff is very professional and punctual. Appointments are hard to get in a short time but they work with your schedule as much as possible.

5 stars Verified customer

Your staff is the kindest and most knowledgeable people. They know their job very well and are very professional and friendly. It is very hard to find that king of staff in the medical field these days.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Professional, informative, sensitive to my particular case and needs. Excellent staff and nice waiting area to include coffee.

5 stars Verified customer

The staff were very professional, explained the procedures,and put you at ease immediately. No question was too ignorant to ask them. I had a very good experience.

4 stars Customer since 2012

I t was a good visit. In and out quickly.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Great service with friendly staff. Very helpful and everyone goes out of their way to help!!!

5 stars Customer since 2010

Excellent and FAST service!

Very friendly staff that are so easy to work with, they make you feel like your working with your family. Thank you Athens Center for Sleep Disorders you make my life so much easier!

Nancy Dickerson

Kaufman, Texas