97.8% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2017

These folks are awesome. This is the second vehicle we have had serviced by them, and we are extremely happy with the results, and with the communication from the staff about the possibilities, expected costs, and available options. They aren't the cheapest in town, but they deserve not to be - you get what you pay for

Automotion replied:

Hello James! Thank you for your kind words! Thank you for taking the time to review our work and letting us know how we are doing! It is customers like you that make our company what it is today!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Bill was very knowledgeable in the make and model car we have and the repairs necessary.

Automotion replied:

Thank you Tom! That means a lot to Bill!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Nice mature service facility and staff (I said mature not old). Gave me simple to understand explanation(s) for the work being done. When I asked for the checkoff sheet of inspections done on my car they kindly gave it to me, but I think it would behoove them to offer it to the customer and let the customer accept or decline it. Anyway, my service writer is very familiar with Ford vehicles and that gave me a boost of confidence even though he's relatively new to the AutoMotion facility. I could have been charged a lot more for what they did. I'd be happy to go back to AutoMotion for additional service when needed

Automotion replied:

Thank you for the feedback Ann:) We really appreciate that you took the time out of your day to answer this survey. We hope to be your choice in future services and please do not hesitate to call or come by for any reason:)

5 stars Customer since 2017

We pulled up when they had just closed and David and another employee were the only ones on the property. We were approached with help and advice. He even inquired if we needed a loaner car. It took 2 days to repair our car and we are very please we chose bring it here.

Automotion replied:

Thank you John! We are glad we were still here to help you out and will take great care of you and your vehicle:))

5 stars Customer since 2003

I’ve taken all of my vehicles to Automotion (Compact Car) for nearly 30 years. They are a professional organization and their staff has always been friendly, kind and courteous. I recommended using Automotion for all of your car’s needs.

Automotion replied:

Thank you very much Daphne!

5 stars Customer since 2017

My bug runs great! Automation will be taking care of it the rest of its life.

Automotion replied:

Great to hear Jim! We hope to keep your bug alive a long time!

1 stars Customer since 2017

I have a fairly rare import vehicle that was in need of an alignment and tire balance. I called Automotion and they were kind enough to agree to take a look. Before my appointment on Friday morning, I purchased some tires to ensure that the work was not effected by the old tires that were currently on the vehicle. I did this on the suggestion of the mechanic that I made the appointment with.

I will admit that I did arrive late for my appointment (purchasing tires took longer than expected). I got to the shop at 9am. Since I brought new tires, and the vehicle had not been inspected yet, the mechanic recommended that they look over the whole front end. This was more involved than originally expected so they let me know that if would be a couple of hours before they could get it in. Which I understood. But, they also said they would do their best since they knew I lived in Truckee and was waiting for the vehicle. We agreed they would call with a report once they had a chance to get the car in.

I took off to a coffee shop and waited to hear from them. By 2pm (5 hours after I dropped it off) I had not heard anything so I gave them a call. They said they just got it in the shop and didn't have a full report. They would call back with more info. By 4:30pm I still had not heard anything so I headed back to the shop. I got there at 5pm (still no call) and was told they just finished looking at it. They billed me for 1 hour and did nothing to the vehicle as they needed to source some hard to find parts. See below for my list of complaints.

-If you can't fit the car in till the end of the day, just tell me that! Then I am not simply waiting around all day waiting to hear back from the shop when you told me you would need "a couple of hours" to get it in. Or tell me that I need to leave it with them overnight. That is fine. But don't tell me you will get to it in "a couple hours" and just not call.

-I have been to shops to get a vehicle inspection and it cost me $20 to look over everything and advise on what needs to be repaired. They charged me $110 (1 hour of labor) and this wasn't even the entire vehicle. This was only to look at the "front end" and the "left rear brake". And the "left rear brake" was not even what I has asked them to look at. I am highly suspicious that they looked over the vehicle for an hour.

-What I had requested for them to look at was "the left rear brake light" that was out. They didn't.

-If you only billed me for 1 hour (which, as noted, seems excessive) then what was going on from 2pm to 5pm when you "allegedly" just finished! You definitely did not look over the car for 3 hours so either you lied to me when I called the first time or you lied to me when I got back to the shop.

-Your shop closes at 5:30pm and you had not called me back by 5pm. What did you expect, that I would just show up and know it was ready!

Now on to the gentleman helping me:

-He complained at least 3 times about how difficult it would be to find the parts. I understand that informing the customer that finding parts may be difficult is important. But complaining about it is totally different. If you don't want to find the parts then just tell me and I will find a new shop. If you want my business then sourcing parts is part of your job! Don't whine about it to me.

-He apparently felt it was acceptable to passive/aggressively fight with his coworkers right in front of me.

-He implied that he was going to look for the required parts but did not mention if he planned to call me at any point. Unsure if I will ever hear from them.

-I do not feel that he was actively rude, but he did seem to be generally annoyed about helping me.

I understand that working on cars takes time and was never looking for something to be done unrealistically fast. I also know that working on imports is especially complicated and am sensitive to this. All I wanted was to politely know the truth about how long they expected it to take, and if there was some huge deviation from this, to get a phone call letting me know this. All the other issues were just icing on the cake.

If the shop ever actually reads this perhaps it will inspire them to try to win back my business.



1 stars Customer since 2016

I first brought my car in last year and again for the exact same problem in August and have spent a lot of money and the problem has not been fixed at all and to top it off after 2 weeks of you having my car the battery was completely dead and my husband needed a jump just to get out of the parking lot. The battery then died again at home.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Welcome to Reno, Nevada, USA Dave. Thanks for the great service. Bill who? :>)

Automotion replied:

Thank you Carl! Bill says HELLO :)

5 stars Customer since 2015

The service was great and the price stayed close to the estimate. The only drawback at all was that when I picked my car up early in the morning, I had to wait for quite a few cars to be moved before my car could be brought out.

Automotion replied:

Debby, thank you for letting us know, should have noted the morning pickup. We really appreciate you are thank you for the kind words:)