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5 stars

by the time my enrollment ( 2.5 yrs) was over my gross income had increased by 60%!I re-enlisted immediately! I am sure that with coaching by Brian H. i will continue to improve my numbers,customer loyalty,employee quality,and my life! my suggestion is to get on board right now! I waited almost too long,I was afraid of the expense,I was barely making it,if Ihad just done it I would be completely out of debt by now! Don't be afraid,you are wasting time! Do it now! These guys are the ELITE!

5 stars

ATI is great, from the information to the instructors to the coaches and the class material. It's almost as if we knew these truths they teach all along, but we just needed another outside force to give us a kick in the butt! I love that I go to class and get recharged and love my job all over again. ATI is where it's at for expert coaching and business growth!

5 stars

We just got back from owner training with so much great information. Now that we see our business in a better world with the tools we need for success, we are ready for the next set of classes. What a wealth of knowledge ATI has shared.

5 stars Verified customer

As always these courses are very informational and very positive. I don't have any complaints, even the food is good. Randy does a great job too. Thanks!!

5 stars Verified customer

The facility and staff were fantastic. The material was informative and well instructed. Brian lead the group and really has a great understanding of the car repair business. I can't wait to see the growth in myself and business with ATI's training and coaching.

4 stars Verified customer

I have attended 3 ATI Training seessions in their Baltimore facility. I have found these classes to be very helpful and were presented very professionally. The ATI trainers seem to find the right balance between the " perfect " senerio and the real world senerio and present it in a way that is undestandable to me.

I look foward to my next traing sesion.

5 stars Verified customer

After attending Shop Owner Course 1, 2, and 3 I came back to the shop with a boatload of new ideas and tools to make my business more profitable, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce personal stress levels. Thanks ATI!

5 stars Verified customer

ATI Classes were very helpful and worth the cost. As long as I implent the things I learned, I've made more money than ever. The instructers have a lot of experience & knowledge about what they teach.

5 stars Verified customer

For 10 years we had been somewhat successful, taking home our checks, keeping bills paid, having some money left over. No one ever told us how to make our business profitable or laid out the tools to help us get to the correct level of profit, until we met ATI. ATI knows the automotive industry and they have the tools and a talented staff that have helped us make profit a reality in our business!

5 stars Verified customer

Overall I thought the class was very informative and Randy was excellent. I would recommend this to anyone in the industry!

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