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This was not one of my better experiences. It was obvious that my stylist wasn’t confident about how to apply a simply root touch up. It was like she was softly petting a cat with the brush instead of applying enough pressure for the product to get to the base of my roots and making sure it’s coated really good. She also has no social skills as it was like pulling teeth to even have a conversation. Then at the bowl, she asked if the water temp was good, and I couldn’t even feel it yet because she had the water on the ends of my hair instead of on my scalp area where I’d be able to feel the water temp. Later at home last night, as I was washing my face, I noticed that a lot of product was still on my hair and on my scalp. The base of the back of my neck was all sticky, and I removed a lot of left over sticky product with my washcloth. I remember seeing her rubbing really hard with a towel on the top of my scalp in a few spots after she finished blow drying my hair. I knew then that she hadn’t washed all of the product out and she was trying to remove it with a dry towel. I wish she would’ve used that kind of pressure when she was applying the color with the brush. She did do a good job styling it. But I’m able to still see the gray area, and I’m considering coming back next week to hopefully have the color reapplied by someone with better skills and more confidence in what they are doing. My lighting at home is brighter than at her station, so I hadn’t noticed the gray still showing until when I got home last night after dinner. I’m pretty frustrated about it, just being honest in order to help y’all. I do usually enjoy my experience, but yesterday was such a bummer.

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The girls upfront were attentive, but not hovering, which I really, really appreciate. I was allowed to do my own shopping without somebody coming over and hovering or pushing.

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The student was ver very slow!

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Great service

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I have waited a day or two before judging the outcome of my hair color.

My request was for hair to be lightened on top and blended in. The request was accommodated via stripey highlights that were done on a center part - my hair does not part down the middle. So, with my natural parting, I now have gauche-looking light stripes with dark roots. With all the dark retouching carried out, there is a swatch of grey new growth that was never touched.

I am understanding that this is a place of education, however the educator only stopped by for the initial consult and final checkout - perhaps they would have caught some of the retouch root bleeds or missed areas?

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My experience was great! I told my stylist that I was trying to grow out my hair, so she gave me a trim that cleaned up the ends without losing any length. It was exactly what I wanted.

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There were some things that did not meet my usual expectations that was out of students control like not enough sinks because one is broken which has happened the last 3 times I’ve been there. My student decided to rinse my color in cold water which no one has ever done. That was not relaxing and refreshing . I received no hand massage nor a warm towel for Botanical treatment which rarely happens now. I love Aveda because it’s Aveda and stands apart as a posh salon but something is changing here with facility and students. Students dress in a slack manner that doesn’t represent Aveda’s standards. The reception workers are phenomenal . The advisors are wonderful and most students care about customers. I just think there’s room for improvement to bring up to Aveda standards.

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Miaria is a Excellent Study she very confident in you knowledge an skills.

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My stylist was very friendly and professional, and listened to my wishes about how I wanted my hair cut. I love my cut and my hair falls right in place

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I was more than pleased with the services.