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Lauren did a great job on my hair!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Great experience with my mani-pedi. Student was wonderful. Very gentle and conscientious.

5 stars Verified customer

I’m a fan! Going to miss you all cuz my girl is graduating!!!

1 stars Verified customer

Did not expect my technition to be that inexperienced. When walking in and asking how long my full foil would take, she said under an hour (I knew this would never be the case because usually my highlights & cut take closer to 2)

It took 2 hours for her just to finish the foils (with the help of the teacher) and I was very concerned that some foils were on for that long. I ended up leaving the salon with drippingwet hair and there was still chemical dye and large amounts of conditioner in my hair.

Very disappointed after leaving 3+ hours later

5 stars Customer since 2009

Excellent service and great atmosphere. Love Aveda products!

5 stars Customer since 2010

Fun and helpful

1 stars Customer since 2018

While might try it again for another service, I would not return for color. There is just too much risk.

It took over four hours for foils, because part had to be redone with help from an instructor. The lobby is very polished but once you get onto the floor, it's like a hs hallway. The students who aren't working on a client are all on their phones and just chit chatting with each other. The shampoo station wasn't very clean, the chair I was directed to was wet - I wiped it down.

My stylist, who is weeks from graduating made errors on my color and part had to be redone. As we were approaching four and a half hours, she said she couldn't figure out why my hair wouldn't dry - "maybe it's just cold, not wet". I told her to just leave it as is because I needed to go. As soon as I walked out, I realized it wasn't dry because there was still a ton of product in the back of my head - I think that because only part of the foils were redone, she only shampooed the front of my head, but shampoo and conditioner still migrated past the line where she was shampooing.

While the first set of foils were being placed, I did speak up about the amount of hair being painted as well as the placement of the foils. She was confident she was doing it right.

Also, buyer beware on hidden charges.... After the initial consultation, the instructor came by to verify and then she told me my total would be $67 for a half head of foils and asked me to initial the appointment sheet. I hadn't checked the rate ahead of time, but saving money was my main reason for booking. The Aveda salon where I have been going is $90 for the same service - but with so many more perks and attention to detail. I was disappointed that there wasn't more of a savings to correlate with the risk and extended time needed to use a student (and that was when I was anticipating two hours).

At checkout, I asked the cashier for a breakdown of cost. She said the foils were $47 and then the botanical was $10 and the deep conditioning was $10. I told her noone offered or asked my permission for the extras. She said the instructor should have told me when she gave the total. There was no detail on the sheet I initialed.

I came home and washed all the extra junk out of my hair. My husband took one look at the new color and said, "Don't worry about trying to save money on this. Just get it fixed."

So... I am in search of a place to fix the $67 lesson.

If I go to the institute again, I think it will just be for a massage.

1 stars Customer since 2014

Unfortunately, despite my numerous positive experi news at Aveda, yesterday’s was a nightmare. Without getting into very specific detail, I can say that my one hard rule (no dye on the natural hair that’s growing back in) was broken and instead of getting a pink/purplish raspberry color I ended up with electric purple all over my head (in varying shades). Mistakes happen, but the most disappointing part of this scenario was how SOME of the instructors (certainly not all) handled it. I apreciate one kind instructor who offered to cleanse it as best she could and do what she could to fix it - I was already 45 minutes later dthan I was supposed to be and had an event to get to so I couldn’t, but I greatly appreciated her solution and offer. Unfortunately, the instructor supervising my stylist was adamant that this was what I had asked for, even though she told me we had to take my hair down to a ten to “get that nice light pink color” and insisted that the picture she was showing me - of a muted purpley pink - was the same as the electric purple in my head. The other instructor who walked me up to the check out insisted that there was no purple above my shoulders, but it shows up in every light. So either she can’t see colors properly or she was literally just attempting to lie to my face about what I could (and still can see) with my own two eyes. I do not understand why I was treated in the way that I was. I understand and will willingly admit that I was emotional (crying and panicked) but their insistence that yes, I had asked for this and indication that the whole scenario was on me was unreal. I never once threatened not to pay, in fact I kept saying I needed to checkout and leave, but every time I made it closer to the door it was with the caveat that they continue to tell me that it “would wash out” and it looked good. Okay, so NOW you’re telling me that the $102 hair dye job I just got will easily wash out in 4 washes with hot water?!?!? And this is supposed to encourage me to pay you and return to your salon??? I just feel that the situation was very mismanaged, and only two instructors(the kind, tall redheaded lady who made the offer of the cleanser and a gentleman later) really knew how to respond, but unfortunately neither of them stuck around for long as the other two were industriously trying to lie/convince me that it wasn’t my fault instead of explaining how it would be fixed. Then, finally, after being walked up to the desk and crying for a good five minutes there while waiting in line, the instructor handed the girl at the desk the bill, asked her to make a note that I can come back in any time the next two weeks to have it fixed, and then as soon as she walked off, the girl incredibly foolishly asks if I “enjoyed all of my service today.” Really??? I’m in tears over my botched dye job and you dare to ask me that? Unreal. I’m so sick over it that I’m having a hard time deciding if I should ever let this salon touch my hair again - if like for t to get fixed, and they promise to do it for free, but I’m legitimately terrified to return.

4 stars Verified customer

The student did a nice job and was professional. But the salon doesn’t feel as special. They used to offer hand or scalp massages or product samples while you were getting your service. The front staff wasn’t as friendly. They also ran behind schedule. Still, for what you get the price is decent.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Great experience. The girl who did my haircut and style completed it in about an hour and I was very happy with it. It was difficult for her to find an instructor and that held up the appointment the student herself was great. More instructors on the floor during busy times would be one improvement.

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